Main Round (Day 1 Wrap Up)

[b]Group 1[/b]
SLO-GER 29 : 35
TUN-ISL 30 : 36
FRA-POL 31 : 22

Germany and France got back on track with key victories over Slovenia and Poland respectively. Iceland beat Tunisia and is in sole possession of 1st place with 4 points. France was trailing 11-12 at the half, but came alive in the 2nd half and outscored the Poles 20-10 to eventually win 31-22. The German and French victories creates a logjam at 2nd place with 4 teams with 2 points.

[b]Group 2[/b]
CZE-HUN 25 : 28
ESP-RUS 33 : 29
DEN-CRO 26 : 28

All 3 teams which entered the main round with 2 points earned victories Wednesday night to create pool of haves and have nots. Spain, Croatia Hungary have 4 points a piece and are in good shape to make the quarterfinals. Denmark, Russia and the Czech Republic have yet to garner a point. Tonight Hungary and Croatia will meet in battle of unbeatens while Russia and the Czech Republic will play in a match for survival.

[b]President’s Cup (Places 13-18)[/b]
KUW-UKR 23 : 33
EGY-NOR 18 : 27

Ukraine and Norway, the 2 European sides which failed to make the main round took out their frustrations on Kuwait and Egypt respectively.

[b]President’s Cup (Places 19-24)[/b]
GRL-AUS 34 : 25
ANG-QAT 33-27