2007 Nationals Webcasting Opportunity.

Miami Sharks Press Release

We are happy to announce that game footage from the 2007 United States Open National Championships in Newark, Delaware, will be available on an on-demand basis, courtesy of [link=http://www.livesportsvideo.com]LiveSportsVideo.com[/link]. At the current moment, the broadcast slate will include all five of the [link=http://www.miamisharksteamhandball.org]Miami Sharks[/link] games, which will be available for on-demand viewing within 24 hours of competition at [link=http://www.livesportsvideo.com]www.livesportsvideo.com[/link].

[link=http://www.miamisharksteamhandball.org]The Sharks[/link] will play two games on Friday (available for viewing by mid-day Saturday), with the first game against the [link=http://www.houstonhandball.org]Houston Stars[/link] and the second against [link=http://www.chicagointerhandball.org]Chicago Inter[/link]. [link=http://www.miamisharksteamhandball.org]Miami[/link] will play New York on Saturday morning (available for viewing by mid-day Sunday) and an opponent to be determined on Saturday night after re-seeding.

Please visit [link=http://www.livesportsvideo.com]www.livesportsvideo.com[/link] for the on-demand footage, and visit the site throughout the year as additional tournaments will be broadcast live and archived onto the first team handball broadcast network in the United States.

The games can be broadcast for $100 per game. Clubs interested in having their games available for viewing should contact [link=mailto:headcoachhandball@comcast.net]Cristian Zaharia[/link].

See you all in Delaware

Cristian Zaharia
Miami Sharks Team Handball Club