PANAM Game 2nd Chance Tournament Schedule

The Men's 2nd Chance qualification tournament for the PANAM Games starts tomorrow in Santiago, Chile. Chile, Venezuela and the USA will play a round robin tournament with the winner securing the 8th and final spot for the PANAM Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil later this summer.

Friday, 6 April, 1800 USA vs. Venezuela
Saturday, 7 April, 1800 USA vs. Chile
Sunday, 8 April, TBD Venezuela vs. Chile
(Listed start times are US East Coast.)

We will post game results as soon as they become available.

One thought on “PANAM Game 2nd Chance Tournament Schedule

  1. Very complicated for the USA. Chile has improved a lot in the last few years, plus they are playing at home. I dont know if they are playing this qualification tournament, but Chileans Marco Oneto and Pato Martínez have played in Asobal league.

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