Champions League Contest (Finals)

The Finals for the EHF Champions League will be an all German derby between Flensburg and Kiel. Only 90 Km separate these two traditional Bundesliga powers and these two teams know each other well. Last year they met in the quarterfinals with the unusual outcome of both teams winning on the road. Flensburg beat Kiel 32-28 in the first match while Kiel won 34-32. Earlier this season Kiel beat Flensburg 36-34 at home and this past Saturday, Kiel beat Flensburg 34-33 on a neutral court in the Semifinals of the HAPSA Cup. Based on these results it looks like we should have another compelling final.

Game Schedule
Sunday, 22 April 1730 (Central European Time)
Kiel at Flensburg

Sunday, 29 April 1730 (Central European Time)
Flensburg at Kiel

For the Team Handball News contest the Finals will feature [b]2 chances to win[/b]. The ongoing contest for the Kempa Handball jersey will continue, but [b]newcomers will also get an opportunity to win. Most points accumulated in the Finals only will win an official Men’s 2007 World Championship program:[/b]

Current Overall Standings
1) Matt Van Houten, 45 points
2) David Bordeaux, 34
3) Volker Grizmek, 34
4) Fred Wallace, 31

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Note: Many of the Champions League matches have been available via web streaming at the Eurosport website:

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  1. I am so mad at myself for waiting too long and missing out on the semi-final points. I should be up there with Van Houten. No one to blame but myself!

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