HBL goes USA

The German newspaper "[link=http://welt.de]Die Welt[/link]" reported in its Sunday edition that the [link=http://www.handball-bundesliga.de/]German Handball League HBL[/link] is planning to expand its scope beyond Germany. Emboldened by the tremendous success of the World Championships with more than 20 million viewers for the final alone, the "[i]strongest league in the world[/i]" (slogan) is even considering marketing efforts in the USA:

[blockquote]"For me, team handball is a sport with all the attributes of an American sport. It's a full-contact sport and team handball is fast and full of action – exactly what US-Fans want to watch."

"Introducing the trademark HBL in the US is possible within the next year or two.[/blockquote]"
[link=http://www.welt.de/wams_print/article810252/Handball-Liga_will_in_die_USA.html]Says[/link] HBL general manager Frank Bohmann. Bohmann also suggested to host the All-Star game or the "Final Four" Cup tournament in the US: "We don't use the slogan '[i]the strongest league in the world[/i]' for nothing. We mean it and now is the perfect time to expand world-wide." Bohmann also cites recent lucrative proposals by several sponsors, including TV stations, after the successful WC as the motivation behind the new strategy.

3 thoughts on “HBL goes USA

  1. This would be just unbelievably awesome! Put me down for watching every game!

  2. And it's not April fools day anymore. The paper and the guy they quote are highly legit. I still won't believe it until the first game is broadcast, but that people seem to be seriously talking about it is awesome news!

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