Kretzschmar Signs Contract to Play Handball in the United States.

In a move that has shocked the entire Handball world, Stefan Kretzschmar has formally announced today that he is leaving his German Club, Madgeburg, and will play next year with the Los Angeles Team Handball Club. Details of the contract have not been revealed, but it is rumoured to be a 4 year deal, that with incentives and promotional opportunities will net the Left Winger close to $6 Million and make him the highest played Handball player in history. Known for his body piercings and tattoos as well as his handball skills, Kretzschmar is arguably, the most famous handball player in the world. The announcement has everyone in the Handball world talking and wondering whether this move is a stroke of genius or the craziest thing they’ve ever heard.

Below is a text of the press conference (translation courtesy of Bjoern Brembs)

Host: Thanks everyone; Stefan will now take a few questions.

Reporter: Stefan, Why the US? Why now?

Kretzschmar: Why the US? Why not? (laughter) But, in all seriousness, I’ve been a big fan of the NBA for years and I admire the way Americans present and promote their sports. I’ve also always been puzzled as to why Team Handball is not more popular in the US. I think that by playing in the US I can help raise the sports profile and the level of play in the US. If we can make the sport big in the US, it will help make the sport bigger world-wise. As to why now? I’m 34 years old and I think I have a few more good years left playing at a high level. I figured if I was to make this move, I needed to make it now.

Reporter: This sounds a lot like the David Beckham move to the US. Were you influenced at all by him?

Kretzschmar: Absolutely. In fact, as some of you might know, ‘Becks’ and I have been friends for years. When Claudia and I vacationed in LA over the winter break with Becks and Victoria we fell in love with the laid back LA lifestyle. The weather is great and everyone was so friendly. Becks at the time was contemplating his move and I was only joking then, but I said to Becks, “To bad there isn’t a Team Handball club in LA that I could play for. If there was then I could do the same thing for Team Handball that you are doing for Soccer.” It was only an off hand remark, but Becks talked with his agent and his agent contacted the LA Club, and one thing led to another, and well, here I am.

Reporter: Why do you keep saying ‘team handball’ instead of just ‘handball?’

Kretzschmar: That’s what the sport is called in the US, so that’s what I’m calling it now.

Reporter: I’m not an expert on handball on the US, but the level of play is at a very low compared to Germany. Aren’t you concerned that you’re new club won’t have other top flight players for you to play with?

Kretzschmar: Certainly, the level of play will be at a lower level, but the US has many talented athletes that can learn the sport. Also, we’re currently in discussion with DSF and ESPN, but there will likely be a couple of reality TV shows that will help. The German show will focus on my new life in LA, while the American show will focus on the club and the players. We will be recruiting talented athletes from basketball and other sports and the show will follow them as they learn how to play Team Handball. We’ll play games in the US, but we will also tour the world. We have plans to play games in Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Greenland, the Caribbean, Africa, Japan, Korea, and, of course, Europe as well. We’re also open to the idea of adding a few more handball veterans from Europe to the club, but this is still yet to be determined.

Reporter: Tell us a little bit more about the German Reality Show.

Kretzschmar: It’s going to be great. There will be some handball in it for sure, but it will also include my experiences on the LA scene. Trips and parties with Becks and Victoria, visits to the Playboy mansion, meetings with famous sports celebs like the LA Laker’s Kobe Bryant, etc.

Host: OK, thanks everyone. We’ll keep you posted as to future developments.

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  1. If this is true, then it's the best thing that's happened to American Handball, period. If it's not, then whoever wrote that makes Mike Hurdle look like a nice guy. ;-)

    I'm hoping for the former.

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