PANAM Games Second Chance Tournament Final Results (Mexico Qualifies)

[b]Match Results[/b]
Thursday, 29 March Mexico 29 – USA 20
Friday, 30 March Chile 31 – USA 30
Saturday, 31 March Mexico 27 – Chile 24

[b]Final Standings (W T L Pts GF GA GD)[/b]
Mexico 2 0 0 4 56 44 +12
Chile 1 0 1 2 55 57 -2
USA 0 0 2 0 50 60 -10

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2 thoughts on “PANAM Games Second Chance Tournament Final Results (Mexico Qualifies)

  1. A sad state when Mexico is this much better than the USA in Handball. Mexico has less history and over the years much less success. Also a much poorer history of supporting wmen's sports in general.

  2. Emphasis on my point about Mexico not having a history of supporting women's sports. USA Women's Soccer football NT just beat Mexico 5 -0. This brings the total record between these teams to 19-0-0 in favor of the USA. This despite the fact that a large number of the Mexico players actually are from the US, went to high school and college here [so learned their soccer here], but have parents or grandparents from Mexico and so qualify to play for the team. And this from a county with so much less history than Mexico of soccer being important!
    A sad state: when the handball US WNT has been competing since the 1970's, and in that time I have never heard of the Mexican team being involved in an Olympics or W.C.

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