Group Club Handball (GCH) Joins Soccer G-14 in Weighing in on EU Reform Treaty

Group Club Handball (GCH) has jointly signed a letter with Soccer's G-14 and Euroleague Basketball to European Union leaders expressing their concerns with the proposed modifications to EU Reform Treaty which could alter the current business practices for club teams in Europe.

The proposed modifications to the treaty are being pushed by UEFA President, Michel Platini, with support from the EHF and FIBA Europe. Platini has called for the EU treaty to include specific safeguards to protect the unique nature of the game, including the pyramid structure which allows any team — in principle — to reach the top, and the financial support of lower leagues by professional clubs. In his letter Platini further states that the European game is being threatened by "the malign and ever-present influence of money."

The combined G-14, GCH, Euroleague Basketball letter states that there is no problems with the current treaty and highlights that UEFA, the EHF and FIBA Europe are not neutral players, but are sports entities as well and that all of these entities should be equal under the law.

The underlying current for these disagreements between the European level sports bodies and the professional clubs are conflicts over players playing to many games (club and national team) as well as fears that the top clubs have become too powerful within the current European structure.

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