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Earlier this month, I was pleased to note that had restarted the English language content portion of their website. Well, now I am even more pleased to announce that I have accepted the position as Editor in Chief for English Language Content at

As visitors to this website know, I’ve been a fan of the Handball-World website for some time. Even though the site had reverted to an all German format it still was an excellent source of information, even if you did have to cut and paste text into an automatic translator. At the World Championships this past January I had the opportunity to meet some members of the Handball-World team. I learned that Handball-World, like Team Handball News is an independent news site devoted to Handball. And as we had a similar mission, albeit in different languages, we started to routinely share information on events happening in the Handball World. With Handball-World now bringing English back to their site it only seemed natural that we further team up in some way. And hence my decision to join their site.

[b]So what does this mean to you, the reader?[/b]

Well, first off, you are now going to have a lot more independent, English language news reporting on handball. And these articles will include more graphics and pictures. Not every German language article at Handball-World will be translated into English, but all of the major stories will be. And, time willing, these stories will also be edited by native language speakers. Additionally, in the coming months we hope to roll out some new features that will make an even better internet destination for the Handball fan.

Secondly, for the near future anyway, Team Handball News won’t be going anywhere. The site will, however, become a little more North American focused. Many stories with “world” appeal will still be posted to both sites, but stories and commentary with a more narrow focus on Canada or the US will stay on the Team Handball News site. That’s not to say that some North American content won’t find its way to the site. Events like the PATHF championships have broad appeal and deserve a wider audience. But other events, like details on the USA Handball Federation application process will stay with the Team Handball News site.

As always, I’d like to express my thanks to you, the readers, and your continued support of Team Handball And I, and the Handball-World team, look forward to your support there as well. If you have any comments/suggestions or would like to volunteer to help with either website, just drop me an email at

3 thoughts on “Joining the Handball-World Team

  1. Great job, John! I missed the English articles on Handball-World. When they used to have them I did notice they did not have native English speakers edit the translations, but I appreciated the effort!

  2. Many thanks for establishing THN as a respectable and independent team handball news source. Bjoern and I will certainly do the best we can to keep THN fresh and informative, especially to the US audience.
    Good luck to you and we'll see you in cyberspace.

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