African Nations Cup Results

[html] Africa’s premiere tournament was recently held in Angola. Conducted every two years this tournament serves as the qualification both for the Olympics and the upcoming World Championships for both the Men and Women.
Women’s Results
As expected, Angola dominated the tournament winning every match by double digits except a pool play match against Congo 35-30. Cote d’Ivoire was the surprise team of the tournament as they upset Congo in the semifinals 29-28 to take 2nd place in the tournament. Congo defeated Tunisia to secure 3rd place.

Angola secures the automatic qualification to Beijing and Cote d’Ivoire will have the opportunity to qualify in a to be determined Olympic Qualification Tournament. Assumin the IHF follows previous World Championship qualification rules the top 4 teams (Angola, Cote d’Ivoire, Congo and Tunisia) have qualified for the 2009 Women’s World Championships in China.

Final Standings
1) Angola
2) Cote d’Ivoire
3) Congo
4) Tunisia
5) Democratic Republic of Congo
6) Algeria
7) Cameroon
8 ) Gabon

Men’s Results
As expected, Olympic qualification came down to a gold medal game between Tunisia and Egypt, with the Pharoahs coming out on top 27-25. The Angolan men had a disappointing tournament. Despite, playing at home they barely advanced out of pool play and lost the 3rd place match against Algeria.

Egypt has booked a ticket for Beijing while both Tunisia and Algeria will have another opportunity at an Olympic Qualification Tournament later this year. Algeria will be a long shot, but Tunisia should have a chance. Egypt, Tunisia and Algeria have also qualified for the 2009 World Championships in Croatia.

Final Standings
1) Egypt
2) Tunisia
3) Algeria
4) Angola
5) Democratic Republic of the Congo
6) Nigeria
7) Cameroon
8 ) Morocco

For more information on the tournament check out the official webpage And as a side note, it’s a pretty impressive webpage. Only the European and World Championship pages that have been done better. [/html]