Euro 2008 video streaming: direct link

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Live streaming of Euro 2008 matches is available.  Click here to find out more.

Note: the Euro 2008 website misleadingly states that you can watch all matches whenever you want.  This is not the case!  Only 5 minute summaries are available for viewing after the match.  In order to watch an entire match, you have to watch the match live.  Additionally, we have received reports from several readers indicating either technical or billing problems.  We will be contacting the EHF and if you would like to add your complaint to our collective letter please send us an email at [/html]

2 thoughts on “Euro 2008 video streaming: direct link

  1. I have been in touch with the Euro championships streaming video technical support desk and they are aware that we can't watch any archived matches and that many of the "live" matches were not viewable today. They have no estimated repair time and cannot guarantee that Friday's games will be viewable. Furthermore they say that the 700 kbps rate is the only bit rate they'll be using for this tournament, which is too bad. They also couldn't explain why I have been credited with buying the full tournament pass although my credit card has only been billed $1 which presumably is just a "hold" by Infront Sports.

  2. Well it looks like they've got it sorted out now. I could watch the on demand games and had no problem flipping back and forth between the 2 lives games. Still it's too bad that the place where you select the VOD match you want to watch is right next to the full time score…

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