New Zealand Handball: Sport Starting to Gain Traction

The Olympic Games have a global reach to the far corners of the globe. As proof of that reach, a recent article from the Otago Daily Times highlights the sport's recent growth in New Zealand:

And for those who may wonder if national infighting over Handball development is a peculiar oddity limited to the USA will be amused to know that tiny New Zealand has competing federations. The official Federation recognized by the IHF is Handball New Zealand while the New Zealand Handball Federation also seeks to develop the sport.

Handball New Zealand:
New Zealand Handball Federation:

One thought on “New Zealand Handball: Sport Starting to Gain Traction

  1. Hmmm… Flash! Do you have an axe to grind?
    Frankly I think the IHF and everyone esle in NZ should give the Federation more time. As outlined in our forums, it is extremely difficult to develop the sport and taking a negative stance is just wrong.

    IHF was out of line in giving NZTHF the boot. They shoudl know better than anyone else that time is needed. A lot of it.

    I was under the impression that everything had to be done in a timely manner but my clock is way too fast. I have been convinced by the many team handball afficionados who frequent our forums that th BEST thing to do is wait. When you are done waiting, you need to wait some more.

    If you complain too soon or too much you will be labeled as disgruntled, bitter, etc, etc.

    Patience my friend. Grass roots is mundane.

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