Sharks' Ortega signs professional contract

[link=]As reported a few weeks ago[/link], former marquee Miami Sharks and USMNT centerback Mark Ortega, was offered a professional contract from the recently promoted Norweagian first division club, ALTA.

From the [link=]Miami Sharks website[/link]:

"Miami Shark center back Mark Ortega has signed a contract to play for Norwegian First Division team Alta IF. Ortega will begin his second season with a professional squad after playing one season in Spain with a club out of Santander. Ortega was one of the first members of the Miami Sharks squad and Head Coach and owner Cristian Zaharia has helped him develop into an all around player. "Mark is a very good athlete and he works hard," Coach Zaharia said. "I am very proud of him and I look forward to seeing him succeed with Alta IF. Mark is a fine product of the Miami Sharks organization, where grass roots are very important and hard work, discipline, dedication and team spirit are criteria we are based on. All our members should be very proud of this achievement, because without his teammates, Mark would not have been able to progress as he did."
Ortega has also been a member of the United States National Team, competing in several International Competitions."

Congratulations are in order to coach Zaharia and Mark Ortega. Two genuine proefssionals.