Jean Kaiser: Candidate for IHF President (Questionnaire Response)

[html] "photo_jk.jpg"Jean Kaiser of Luxembourg has responded to a questionnaire covering many of the issues currently effecting the Handball world. Below are his responses. As of this posting neither of the other 2 candidates (Hassan Moustafa and Gudmundur Ingvarsson) have responded. Should they respond their answers will also be posted.

[center][b]IHF Presidential Candidate Questionnaire[/b][/center]


 [b]Why do you want to be (or continue to be) the IHF President?[/b]
The first and most important reason is the fact that I fear that handball could possibly lose its Olympic status for 2016. The second one is the scandalous behaviour of Dr Hassan Mustafa concerning financial matters, such as expenses compensation without any proof, or irresponsible investments as the refurbishment of the IHF headquarters for almost the same amount as the purchase price or the purchase of a car at a price of almost 100.000 Eur. And so on.
[b]What are your qualifications to be the IHF President?[/b]
I spent almost 40 years of my life with handball. I was a player for more than 22 years. I was a referee. I was president of the Luxemburg Handball Federation for more than 13 years. I was also for 13 years president of the court of appeal of the EHF. I was an EHF/IHF delegate from 1991 until 2008 with 7 European Cup Finals and 6 European Championships and I was present at practically all the EHF and IHF congresses until 2008 In my job I was general manager of a bank. I am comfortable leading people in a democratic way.


[b]What actions would you take to address the current referee scandals?[/b] First of all there should be installed in each Continental Federation one commission responsible for making referee nominations. The Continental Federations should do the follow up. That means they should organize travel and hotels so that there will be no contact between the referees and the clubs or national federations until 1 hour before the match. There should be no common meal. The hotel should not be known by the clubs. And last, but not least, better payment for the referees. The present cases should be investigated properly with consequences for wrong doing.


[b]Do you favor a two year or four year cycle for the IHF World Championships? (The 4 year cycle would mean that World Championships would take place 2 years after each Olympics)[/b]
There should be changes, but I think that this has to be part of a whole concept, to be discussed on every level (big – small federations/ promotion of handball in small countries ….)
[b]Do you think the IHF World Championships should continue to be played in January?[/b]
Certainly not. I think that this interrupts the national competitions. Winter is also not the best time for handball fans to make long trips.
[b]How would you address the basic conflict of interest between European Professional clubs, the EHF, IHF, and player’s unions over the number of games the world’s elite players play each season?[/b]
My first aim would be a discussion with the concerned parties to listen to their problems. It is a certainty that the current schedule is dangerous for the health of the players. And we should care about their health.


[b]Two members of the IHF Doping Commission resigned due to concerns with the lack of funding and support from the IHF leadership. Do you feel their resignation was justified?[/b]
Absolutely. Nobody can understand the irresponsible behaviour of the IHF President. With this very dangerous game he played by dissolving the Anti-Doping-Unit of IHF and refusing the necessary funds, he endangered the Olympic status of handball
[b]What steps would you take to address WADA concerns with the IHF’s doping policies?[/b]
 The IHF needs to immediately remedy this situation, by fulfilling at 100%, the regulations of WADA. And this should be done in direct cooperation with the agency


Would you favor a release of the IHF’s finances at a top level? (i.e., information would include basic income and expenses)
I would like to see the president and the treasurer, behave like everybody in the economic world. That means they have to stand for integrity, correctness and transparency of all financial matters.
[b]What is your position on the IHF’s current accounting practices? For instance, do you think travelers should be required to keep receipts for auditing purposes?[/b]
It’s unbelievable that a council allows a president to spent almost 600.000 Swiss Francs without receipts. A president should have a certain amount for “out of pocket expenses” but for all other expenses he has should require proof as everybody has to do in a serious accounting.


[b]Are you satisfied with the IHF’s current website presence? And, if not, what would you do to improve it?[/b]
Actually I did not think about that, as there are more important problems to resolve. But one can always think about what we can ameliorate.
[b]What is your opinion of Internet web streaming of handball matches? Do you envision the IHF developing a platform similar to[/b]
 That would, of course, be a goal for the future
[b]What steps would you take to ensure more TV broadcasts of Handball in countries where Handball is less popular?[/b]
 First look where the problems are. Why there is no coverage by TV. Discuss with those federations about what to do and which help is required. That will be part of a whole concept which I have partly in mind, but it is too early to present it to the federations.
[b]Handball is predominantly a European sport. What steps would you take to increase its popularity in the rest of the world?[/b]
 This will be a very important goal for the new President. I already have a concept developed, but I will present it later on.


[b]Do you think that the IHF President’s role (phone conversations with the AHF President) in the assignment of Jordanian officials (vice the experience German pair) at the 2007 Asian Olympic was appropriate? If not, how would you handle a similar situation? [/b]
It is not the responsibility of the president or the treasurer to intervene in the nomination of the referees. The same thing happened at the Olympic games 2008, when the President and the Treasurer did make changes to Alexander Kozhukhov’s nominations of the referees. It is scandalous.
[b]Do you think the IHF was sufficiently proactive in addressing the Asian Olympic Qualification controversy? [/b]
The only one who was active was P. Mühlematter, by bring this scandal to the public. With the result that the president asked for his resignation. Nevertheless the president had to confess in public. What a shame for our sport!

[b]OTHER: If you have any other issues, concerns or points that you would like to make please feel free to include them.[/b]
 For the moment being it were the most important items to talk about. Maybe that later on I will have some other items, then I would let you know. [/html]