Yes, We Can (Part 2)

A while back I wrote a commentary that cited Barack Obama’s campaign theme, “Yes we can”, as a counter-point for those that think the upcoming IHF election is a foregone conclusion. In what can only be described as poetic serendipity, President Barack Obama has announced that he will be traveling to Cairo to give a speech to the Arab world on June 4. Coincidentally, this is the same city and the same day that the IHF Congress is scheduled to start. OK, what are the chances of that happening?

June 4 is scheduled as a “social day” for the delegates. Following a trip to the pyramids they currently have the option of either a trip to a museum or a spa treatment. Might I suggest adding a third option to go see President Obama make a historic speech. Maybe that will inspire some to rethink their vote?

I’ll also have to hand it to the current IHF administration. They certainly are not afraid to trumpet the amenities of the upcoming Congress on the website, proudly noting the 5-star hotel and spa treatment that will be available. One would think in light of the current economic crisis and the minimal budgets that many national federations have even in good times, that they would have quietly sent this information via email where it’s less likely to face scrutiny. I’d like to think that money for spa treatments and hotel rooms (for some federations) could be better spent on handball equipment or marketing of TV broadcasts. But, maybe this is standard operating procedures for the current IHF administration. And maybe it’s high time to change administrations.

Have you contacted your National Federation President yet? There’s still time to do so.

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