Les Blues X 3!

Who dat gonna beat dem Blues?
Live from Vienna’s’s Wiener Stadthalle, where France spanked Croatia for the second time in a championship title game in less than a year, I will share some quick thoughts on this , the 2010 Austrian Euro.
As if there was any doubt about the outcome of the 2010 Euro, France did have to go through the formalities of actually playing its games. Watching the final four matches live was quite impressive; however, nothing beats the slo-mo TV replays – where you actually get an appreciation for what these phenomenal athletes can do.
Wire to wire, France was again the most complete team, dominating its opponents when it had to. France’s edge was a psychological one as their collective experience and mental toughness was unmatched by its opponents. This tournament had so much parity, where the difference between winning and losing often came down to single possessions and split second decisions. France, along with Poland, Iceland, Spain, Croatia and Denmark made the most of those opportunities.
– I liked the dynamic (elastic) defenses. Lots of fun to watch but a nightmare to officiate.
– Goalkeeping has been tremendous. Great performances throughout, with Slawomir Szmal impressing everyone. What an electric second half he had for Poland, in the bronze medal match.
– Officiating was consistent. Mistakes were made both ways but cannot think of any major call that influenced the outcome of a game.
– Circle defending was ridiculous. Players on both sides of the ball could do just about anything they wanted inside. Stepping, cutting, running, rolling inside the 6 was the norm, rather than the exception.
– Norway, Austria, Slovenia and Russia were a handful of possessions away from some upsets.
– Germany was never in it.
John and Christer will most likely follow up with some more in depth analysis of this great tournament. For me, traveling to Austria was exciting but I cannot wait to return Stateside.
Until then, good night from Wien!