Sri Lanka debuts in International Handball (This time for real)

Earlier today at the South Asian Games in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka took to the court for their first ever International match. Taking on a more experienced India side they came out on the short end of a lopsided 58-28 match. They will have an opportunity for a better result tomorrow against Pakistan.

In 2004, a Sri Lankan team was formed as a ruse to obtain visa to illegally immmigrate to Europe. Never intending to actually play a match they ending up doing so and video of their match against a German club is now available on Youtube. A fictionalized account of this team was made into a movie titled, Machan. In a bit of irony, according to a blog posting, one of the actors in the film took advantage of shooting in Germany to emigrate as well. That’s right an actor portraying an illegal immigrant became an illegal immigrant and is reportedly now doing well in London.

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