Japan grabs the remaining World Championship slot in overtime thriller!

After an intensive fight that went into overtime, the Japanese team managed to win the bronze medal game and thus secured their participation in the 2011 World Championship.
The final result was 33-30, following 27-27 after 60 minutes. The hero of the match was Daisuke Miyazaki, who scored 12 goals. He plays professionally for Alcobendas in the Spanish league.

The Asian Championship final, with two teams that had already secured their World Championship tickets, was won by Korea over Bahrain with the score of 32-25. One must assume that the Bahrainis were nevertheless happy with their performance, having qualified for the World Championship for the first time ever.

Congratulations to the medal winners and WCh qualifiers, Korea, Bahrain and Japan; and congratulations to Asian handball, after an event carried out in a positive atmosphere and with good sportsmanship. The refereeing was [u]not[/u] an issue this time!

The overall final ranking is: [b]1. Korea, 2. Bahrain, 3. Japan,[/b] 4. Saudi Arabia, 5. Qatar, 6. Syria, 7. Iran, 8. Lebanon, 9. China, 10. Iraq, 11. U.A.E., 12. Jordan.