VIDEO: Champions League Game of the Week (Kiel at Copenhagen)

AG Kobenhavn vs THW Kiel: Who will make a statement?

I’ve been remiss in posting links to the EHF Champions League Game of the Week, but having sat down to watch the first few minutes of this match, I thought it was worthy of a reminder.  Quite often the Group Phase of the Champions League can be somewhat boring with most of the teams knowing who’s going through to the knockout stages.  Both Kiel and Copenhagen are in that category, but this match will decide who will place first in their group.  While both sides are likely to win their first knockout pairing, having a first seed in the quarterfinals can be pretty important as it means you will avoid the other #1 seeds.

But, in addition to the Champions League implications this match is interesting in that it’s an opportunity for both sides to make a “statement.”  Kiel has dominated the HBL this year with no losses and barring a monumental collapse they will win the title.  They’ve been less impressive, though, in the Champions League and a win in Copenhagen will make a statement.   And for Danish League leaders, Copenhagen, the same is true as they surely want to make it clear that they are every bit as much a contender as Kiel is.  So, a clash of titans worth watching and a taste of what’s to come in the knockout rounds.

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