Champions League Quarterfinals: Video links and odds (Plus audio for Flensburg-Hamburg)


The Champions League quarterfinal matches will be played this weekend and next.  The winners of the two game (aggregate goals) contests will advance to the Final Four in June.  Unlike the Round of 16 there are few complaints to be had with these pairings.  Barcelona and Kiel are both favorites to advance, but an upset is not out of the question.

Below are the four pairings along with links to the match videos at ehfTV.  I will replace the live links with on demand links when they are available.  And since the Final Four doesn’t take place until 1-2 June, you’ve got plenty of time to watch all 8 matches at your leisure.   To remain oblivious to the outcome just bookmark this page and return when you have time to watch a match.  Finally, don’t forget to write down the scores of the first legs as it’s the total aggregate score that counts.

Point spreads are in parentheses.  Game times are Central European Time.  Be sure to check out the short video preview before you watch the matches

Madrid vs. FC Barcelona
Preview:  Link
20 April, 1900 Barca (-3) Video Link 
27 April, 1900 Video Link

Skopje vs. Kielce
Preview:  Link
21 April, 1700 Kielce (-.5) Video Link
28 April, 1700 Video Link

Kiel vs. Veszprem
Preview:  Link
21 April, 1715 Kiel (-4) Video Link
27 April, 1600 Video Link

Flensburg  vs. Hamburg
Preview:  Link
21 April, 1845 Flensburg (-2) Video Link  (Audio Links are below)

I’ve done at audio commentary (see below) for the first and second halve. You can synch up this MP3 file with the video.

1) Forward the video to exactly 4:00 (1st Half) or 46:20 (2nd Half) and then pause the video player.
2) Open the pop up player for the audio and wait for the synchronization count.
3) Unpause the video as the count starts

28 April, 1830 Video Link
(Note:  The second leg will be shown on beIN Sport)

EHF’sFirst Leg preview article: Link


Current odds to win the title

Kiel 2 to 1
Barcelona 2 to 1
Veszprem 7 to 1
Flensburg 8 to 1
Hamburg 9 to 1
Kielce 12 to 1
Madrid 16 to 1
Skopje 50 to 1