Handball News Summary (13 September 2013)

1) French League (LNH) press conference and club budgets. Prior to the start of the new season the LNH had a “State of the League” press conference. It was noted that the LNH is now the world’s 2nd best league and is gaining on the HBL. Also released were the budgets of the 14 clubs. No surprise that Paris’ 13.5M Euros leads the way and is nearly double #2 Montpellier.

LNH website (French): Link (French): Link

2) Liga Asobal takes unprecedented step in promoting sports betting. Several leagues and clubs have had agreements with sports betting companies. I’m pretty sure, however, this is the first time that league matches have been incorporated into a specific betting scheme prominently displayed on a league’s home page.
Liga Asobal Homepage (Spanish): Link
Liga Asobal Website article on Quinihandbal (Spanish): Link

3) Talant Dujshebaev on his Champions League career and future plans. He indicates that he will not coach any team until November at the earliest.
EHF Website: Link

4) Hombrados signs with German Club Wetzlar. 41 year old Spanish Goalkeeper Jose Hombrados joins Ivano Balic in Wetzlar
Handball-World (German): Link