AUDIO: Aarhus Handball Academy: Developing handball players through a combination of focused training and club competition


Athletes training at the Aarhus Handball Academy in Denmark.


Last month a notice that 11 players from Alberta, Canada were training at the Aarhus Handball Academy in Denmark took me by surprise.  To find out more about the program and why so many Canadians were trekking over to Denmark  I then interviewed, Alberta Team Handball Federation Executive Director Mike Nahmiash.

This time around I get the perspective from the staff at the Aarhus Handball Academy.  In this podcast interview with Headmaster, Aksel Nørgaard, and Coach Jesper Holmris we covered a number of topics including how the Handball Academy got started, the player experience at the Academy and playing with Danish club teams and whether age 22-23 is too late for a newcomer to start playing handball.

With Coach Holmris we also discussed his experience coaching the Great Britain Women’s National Team, the role the Handball Academy played in training British players in preparation for the 2012 London Olympics and what worked well and what in hindsight might have been done to better support the program.

We then close out the interview with a discussion of what could be done with a team of top athletes from the U.S. or another country could accomplish with a focused 2-3 year program there.

Aarhus Handball Academy website:  Link

Alberta player blogs: Link   (Several players at Aarhus are blogging about their experience)