Handball News Summary (16 October 2013)

With lots of recent developments here's an all Pan American update.

With lots of recent developments here’s an all Pan American update.

With several articles of interest from the Mundo Handball and Handball Deprimera websites here’s an all Pan-America edition.

1) NOR.CA Championships to be played in Mexico. Citing a Handball Deprimera interview with PATHF Executive Director, Miguel Zaworotny, Mundo Handball reports that the tournament will be held in Mexico the last part of January. Separately, USA Team Handball CEO Matt Van Houten has indicated via email that the latest information he had been provided was for 23 February to 1 March 2014 in Mexico City.  (Note:  Historically, dates, times and location for PATHF related events have often changed multiple times before being confirmed.)
Mundo Handball (Spanish): Link

2) Cuba to compete for 2016 Olympic Qualification. In the same Handball Deprimera interview, Zaworotny indicated that Cuba intends to compete for 2016 Olympic qualification. (Note: I’ve inquired as to whether Cuba will also participate in the upcoming NOR.CA Champioship, but I haven’t received any confirmation yet.)
Mundo Handball: Link

3) Haiti to begin participation in PATHF Competitions. Again, from the Zaworotny interview. Haiti has not participated any events in a long time, if ever.
Mundo Handball : Link

4) Peru Handball Federation reaction to Lima’s selection as the 2019 PANAM Games host city. Ruben Gomez recaps an interview on the Handball Deprimera website with the Peruvian Federation and compares Peru’s situation to GBR and the London Olympics.
Mundo Handball (Spanish): Link

5) Argentina requests nearly a 1 month release for professionals playing in Europe. The South American Games in March 2014 will serve as the qualification even for the 2015 PANAM Games and the 2014 Pan American Championships. This is a key event for the Argentinian national team, but it remains to be seen whether their clubs will release them for that length of time.
Mundo Handball (Spanish): Link