IHF Trophy (After Day 3 Update) USA U19 Hang on for 1st Victory

Amar Amitovic with game winning goal vs Martinique








The USA Youth (U19) team had double duty yesterday, playing two matches yesterday.  They lost their first game to Canada in disappointing fashion 40-19, but were able to get a win last night vs Martinique 34-33.  It looked as if the U.S. was going to win the match going away as they led 33-25, but Martinique ran off 8 unanswered goals before Left Back Amar Amitovic scored the game winner with 5 seconds.

Two of the 3 teams in the Youth competition will advance to the next phase of the IHF Trophy Competition.  Canada is undefeated in first place while the U.S. is now tied with Martinique on points for 2nd place  Martinique, however, owns the first the first tiebreaker, head to head goal differential.  Both teams have matches left vs Canada.  In order to advance, the U.S. will likely need Canada to defeat Martinique on Friday, and then score a win or draw in their last match vs Canada on Saturday.

In the Jr (U21) competition, Canada and Martinique continued the pattern of huge blowouts vs Dominica and Haiti.  Like the Youth competition, the Jr competition has the U.S., Canada and Martinique fighting for 2 spots to advance.  Martinique has already beaten Canada, 28-24, so the U.S. matches vs Martinique (Friday) and vs Canada (Saturday) will resolve which 2 teams advance.  Those games will be at 6:00 PM Central time both days.

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Current after the conclusion of Day 3 (Thursday, 10 May)




Youth (U19) Schedule and Results

Tuesday, May 8
6:00 PM USA 27×34 Martinique Video: Link
Wednesday, May 9
2:00 PM Canada 33×26 Martinique Video: Link
Thursday, May 10
12:00 PM Canada 40×19 USA Video: Link1 Link2
8:00 PM USA 34×33 Martinique Video: Link
Friday, May 11
2:00 PM Canada vs Martinique
Saturday, May 12
4:00 PM USA vs Canada

Jr (U21) Standings





Junior (U21) Schedule and Results)

Tuesday May 8
4:00 PM Canada 24×28 Martinique Video: Link
8:00 PM United States 46×15 Dominica Video: Link
Wednesday, May 9
4:00 PM Dominica 18×62 Canada Video: Link
6:00 PM Haiti 14×60 USA Video: Link
Thursday, May 10
2:00 PM Dominica 19×42 Martinique
6:00 PM Canada 50×6 Haiti Video: Link
Friday, May 11
4:00 PM Dominca vs Haiti
6:00 PM USA vs Martinique
Saturday, May 12
2:00 PM Martinique vs Haiti
6:00 PM Canada vs USA