IHF Trophy Update (After Day 4) USA Jrs Dominate Martinique

Junior (U21) Competition

The match between the U.S. and Martinique in the Jr competition was a showdown between two undefeated teams, but the U.S. left no doubt as to which was the better team.  The USA dominated Martinique from start to finish for a comprehensive 32-13 victory.  In other play, Dominica beat Haiti 38-36 for their first win of the tournament.  The huge U.S. win virtually assures that the U.S. will win the competition.  They play their final match today vs Canada at 6:00 PM (Central).  Canada could still take 2nd place, but they would need a win over the U.S. to edge Martinique in the standings.

Youth (U19) Competition

Canada stayed unbeaten with a 29-24 win over Martinique.  Martinique finished the tournament with 1-0-3 record, but they still are ahead of the U.S. on goal differential.   The U.S. could still edge Martinique for 2nd place, but they would need to pull off an upset win or draw in their final match today vs Canada at 4:00 PM.  The top two teams will advance to the next phase of the IHF Trophy Competition.

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Current after the conclusion of Day 4 (Friday, 10 May)





Youth (U19) Schedule and Results

Tuesday, May 8
6:00 PM USA 27×34 Martinique Video: Link
Wednesday, May 9
2:00 PM Canada 33×26 Martinique Video: Link
Thursday, May 10
12:00 PM Canada 40×19 USA Video: Link1 Link2
8:00 PM USA 34×33 Martinique Video: Link
Friday, May 11
2:00 PM Canada 29×24 Martinique Video: Link
Saturday, May 12
4:00 PM USA vs Canada

Jr (U21) Standings





Junior (U21) Schedule and Results)

Tuesday May 8
4:00 PM Canada 24×28 Martinique Video: Link
8:00 PM United States 46×15 Dominica Video: Link
Wednesday, May 9
4:00 PM Dominica 18×62 Canada Video: Link
6:00 PM Haiti 14×60 USA Video: Link
Thursday, May 10
2:00 PM Dominica 19×42 Martinique
6:00 PM Canada 50×6 Haiti Video: Link
Friday, May 11
4:00 PM Dominica 38×36 Haiti Video: Link
6:00 PM USA 32×13 Martinique Video: Link
Saturday, May 12
2:00 PM Martinique vs Haiti
6:00 PM Canada vs USA