Women’s Handball WC “Spoiler Free” Preview (Friday, 6 Dec)

Hungary vs Romania: 1 of 3 “elimination” matches today in the last round of Preliminary Group play.

It’s the last match day for all four Preliminary Round groups at the 2019 IHF Women’s World Handball Championships in Japan. There are 3 types of matches today: Matches to determine who advances to the main round; Matches where the result will carry through to the main round; and matches simply for pride.

Note: 3 teams advance from each group and the matches between those teams carry through to the Main Round. Groups A and B will form Main Round Group 1 and Groups C and D will form Main Round Group 2.

Below are the times, odds and video links for all the matches.

Remember, if you find yourself geoblocked out of the IHF web stream this article has some tips that should help you find a way to watch: Link

Here’s the IHF preview for the day’s competition: Link

Friday, 6 December
All Times Local (CET is -8 hrs / US ET is -14 hrs)
Odds courtesy of William Hill

Note: Saturday is a rest day, so if you’re busy on Friday, you might want to consider saving some of these matches for viewing on Saturday.

Group A

Group A after 4 rounds

15:00 Serbia (-1) vs Slovenia Video Link
18:00 Angola (-12.5) vs Cuba Video Link
20:30 Netherlands vs Norway (-2.5) Video Link 

Serbia and Slovenia will battle to see which side will advance to the Main Round. Angola and Cuba will play for pride. While the Norway – Netherlands result will carry through to the main round.

Side note: The Netherlands will be hoping for a Serbia win since they lost to Slovenia earlier in the week and would prefer to have the 2 points from their victory over Serbia

Group B

Group B after 4 rounds

15:00 Australia vs Brazil (-21.5) Video Link
19:00 Germany vs S Korea (-1) Video Link
20:30 Denmark vs France (-2.5)  Video Link 

Australia and Brazil will play for pride. Germany and S. Korea will look to get 2 points for the Main Round. While Denmark and France will play an elimination game to see who advances

Side Note: S Korea would prefer to see France win since they would pick up 2 points, vice 1 point since they tied Denmark. Germany would prefer a Denmark victory since they beat Denmark, but lost to France.

Group C

Group C after 4 rounds

15:00 Senegal (-5.5) vs Kazakhstan Video Link 
15:00 Spain (-2) vs Montenegro Video Link
19:00 Romania vs Hungary (-2.5) Video Link 

Senegal and Kazakhstan play for pride. Spain and Montenegro play for 2 points in the Main Round. Hungary and Romania play an elimination game.

Group D

Group D after 4 rounds.

15:00 Japan (-6.5) vs China Video Link (With Commentary from Paul Bray)
18:00 DR Congo vs Argentina (-4) Video Link 
20:30 Russia vs Sweden (-3.5) Video Link (With Commentary from Paul Bray)

Only one match matters in Group D. Russia and Sweden will play for 2 points in the Main Round.