2020 Men’s European Handball Championship “Spoiler Free” Links, Match Odds and Predictions (Friday, 10 Jan)

Will Austria’s home court advantage see them through to the Main Round? Maybe, Maybe not. They face the Czech Republic in their opener today.

The 2020 Men’s European Handball Championships continues today with 2 matches each from Groups B, D and F. Here are the video links, odds and some predictions for those matches.

1) Cover up the right half of your screen
2) Click on the desired “On Demand” video link
3) Watch the short advertisement
4) Click on the full screen icon in the lower right hand corner of the video
5) Enjoy the match “spoiler free”

Note: If you don’t follow these instructions you will be exposed to the menu on the right side of your screen that may include words like “Netherlands shocks Germany in Opener!” (I’m not saying that’s going to happen, just that if it did happen, you can bet there would be a headline stating that.) Also, remember that if you click out of full screen mode you should also cover up the right side since that menu will immediately appear.

Friday, 10 January
All Times Local (CET) / US ET is -6 hrs)
Odds courtesy of 10Bet

IHF Preview of day’s matches: Link

Group B (Vienna, Austria)

18:15 Czech Republic vs Austria (-1) vs Serbia
Match Video (On Demand): Link (Commentary: Paul Bray)

2030 N Macedonia (-4) vs Ukraine
Match Video (On Demand): Link (No Commentary)

Group D (Trondheim, Norway)

18:15 France (-7) vs Portugal
Match Video (On Demand): Link (No Commentary)

2030 Norway (-7.5) vs Bosnia & Herzegovina
Match Video (On Demand): Link (Commentary: Paul Bray)

Group F (Gothenburg, Sweden)

18:15 Slovenia (-7) vs Poland
Match Video (On Demand): Link (Commentary: Clayton Lucas)

2030 Sweden (-5.5) vs Switzerland
Match Video (On Demand): Link (Commentary: Clayton Lucas)

Betting Predictions

For this tournament we’ll be doing some betting predictions using an imaginary starting bankroll of a 1,000 Euros. Joining me will be professional handball bettor, Samo Košmerl, from Slovenia.

John’s Pick(s):
– Current Bankroll: 900 Euros
– Yesterday’s Result: Netherlands (+7.5 goals) vs Germany; Lost 100 Euros as Germany won 34-23 (It was a great bet for 45 minutes…)
– Today’s Pick: Norway (-7.5 goals) vs Bosnia; Wager 100 Euros to win 80. With the home crowd behind them in Trondheim and a big match looming vs France on Sunday, Norway will seek to put away this game early.

Samo’s Pick(s):
– Current Bankroll: 1,080 Euros
– Yesterday’s Result Handicap Bet: Croatia (-5.5) vs Montenegro; Wager 100 Euros to win 80. Croat eked out a 27-21 win. Doesn’t matter how… They got it done.
– Today’s Pick: Czech Republic (+1) v Austria; Wager 100 Euros to win 90. I don’t think home advantage + Bilyk will be enough for Austria. The Czech Republic is playing decent handball lately and they have a lot of quality with Kasparek, Zdrahala and Horak. Austria is without Hermann which is big blow imo. Half of the Austrian team is playing in Austrian league, while half of the Czech Republic players are playing in Germany. And there is huge difference between those two countries.