2020 Men’s European Handball Championship “Spoiler Free” Links, Match Odds and Predictions (Saturday, 11 Jan)

Spain’s Joan Canellas thinks today’s match vs Germany could go either way.

The 2020 Men’s European Handball Championships continues today with 2 matches each from Groups A, C and E. Here are the video links, odds and some predictions for those matches.

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Saturday, 11 January
All Times Local (CET) / US ET is -6 hrs)
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IHF Preview of day’s matches: Link

Group A (Graz, Austria)

16:00 Croatia (-3) vs Belarus
Match Video (On Demand): Link (No Commentary)

18:15 Montenegro vs Serbia (-.5)
Match Video (On Demand): Link (No Commentary)

Croatia and Belarus both won their openers comfortably, so today’s result could very well count in the Main Round standings. Montenegro and Serbia will play what is likely an elimination match

Group C (Trondheim, Norway)

16:00 Latvia vs Netherlands (-1)
Match Video (On Demand): Link (Commentary: Clayton Lucas)

18:15 Spain (-1.5) vs Germany
Match Video (On Demand): Link (Commentary: Clayton Lucas)

Latvia and the Netherlands will both be gunning for their first ever European Championships while Spain and Germany play the match of the day. This result will surely count in the main round and the winner will even be well positioned to make the semifinals.

Group E (Malmo, Sweden)

16:00 Hungary vs Russia (-1)
Match Video (On Demand): Link (Commentary: Paul Bray)

18:15 Denmark (-5) vs Iceland
Match Video (On Demand): Link (Commentary: Paul Bray)

Group E has its first matches of the tournament. The matches will be played in Malmo, which is just across the bridge from Copenhagen so expect a good Danish crowd.

Betting Predictions

For this tournament we’ll be doing some betting predictions using an imaginary starting bankroll of a 1,000 Euros. Joining me is professional handball bettor, Samo Košmerl, from Slovenia.

John’s Pick(s):
– Current Bankroll: 800 Euros
– Yesterday’s Result: Norway (-7.5 goals) vs Bosnia; Wager 100 Euros to win 80. Lost 100 Euros as Bosnia’s GK, Buric was sharp in goal and Norway got off to a slow start resulting in just a 6 goal, 32-26 victory.
– Today’s Pick: Germany (+190) money line bet to win vs Spain; Wager 100 Euros to win 190. Spain and Germany meet for a crucial match that will give the winner one foot into the semifinals. Spain’s Joan Canellas says it’s a 50-50 match. I concur and +190 is too good of an advantage to pass up on a match that I genuinely think could go either way.

Samo’s Pick(s):
– Current Bankroll: 980 Euros
– Yesterday’s Result: Czech Republic (+1) v Austria; Wager 100 Euros to win 90. Lost 100 Euros as Austria won 32-29.
– Today’s Pick: Netherlands (-130) money line bet to win vs Latvia; Wager 100 Euros to win 79.36. I don’t like one man teams and Latvia is for sure one of them. Kristopans is an amazing player, but the European Championship is the best competition in the world and you need more than one player to win games in this tournament. I really like the Netherlands here; they are playing modern handball; they look like a team and I believe they will collect 2 points today.