EHF Euro Now on Free TV in the U.S. (beIN Sport XTRA)

2020 Euro Handball Now on Free TV in the U.S!

beIN Sports USA is now showing matches from the 2020 EHF Men’s European Championship on its free sports channel, beIN Sports XTRA. This new channel that was recently launched is available on Roku and “over the air” in several U.S. cities.

How to Watch on Roku

To watch on your Roku, go to your home screen and look for the “Roku Channel” icon. It’s a streaming channel just like Netflix or Hulu and should be readily available. (If not, you can add it just like you would any other channel.) Click on the Roku Channel icon and then scroll down until you see “beIN Sports XTRA” icon. Click on it and the channel should start playing. It’s live so, there are commercials just like what you would see on a TV channel.

So, why might you watch beIN Sports XTRA instead of ehfTV?: Well, your experience may vary, but my picture is crystal clear HD. Not to mention, no HDMI cable and laptop hook up.

How to Watch Over The Air

The Roku channel is also available “Over the Air” on the following digital channels in these cities. Yes, many of us are used to our cable/satellite options, but in these cities you can switch your TV input to Digital and watch over the air in HD.

beIN Sports XTRA 2020 EHF Euro Schedule

All Times are US ET

Friday, 17 January
9:45 Slovenia vs Iceland
12:00 Norway vs Hungary
14:15 Portugal vs Sweden

Sunday, 19 January
8:00 Portugal vs Iceland
12:15 Norway vs Sweden

Monday, 21 January
9:45 Portugal vs Slovenia
12:00 Norway vs Iceland
14:15 Hungary vs Sweden

Wednesday, 22 January
9:45 Portugal vs Hungary
12:00 Norway vs Slovenia
14:15 Iceland vs Sweden

Friday, 24 January
11:45 Semifinal 1
14:15 Semifinal 2

Sunday, 26 January
12:15 Final