Podcast (Episode 66) Former NFL Tight End, Gary Barnidge and the Infamous NFL – FTC Budapest Handball Match

Former NFL Player and newly converted handball fan, Gary Barnidge.

Earlier this month when the Coronavirus was just some issue China was dealing with a group of American NFL players (current and former) had a joint training session with Hungarian Club, FTC Budapest. Video of the match went viral as it seemed to provide what every handball fan wanted after the infamous, Jay Cutler, interview on Pardon My Take: Namely, a match between cocky, over confident NFL players and experienced handball players.

The reality, however, was significantly different. The NFL Players were part of the American Football Without Barriers, a non-profit group that uses sports as a tool to help disadvantaged children live healthy and fit lifestyles through the core values of physical fitness, wellness, and education. And, as the name implies part of that mission is conducting camps and spreading the gospel of American Football in places like Hungary.

Gary Barnidge, played eight seasons as a Tight End for the Carolina Panthers and Cleveland Browns and is one of the founding members of American Football Without Barriers. He joins the podcast to discuss their trip to Hungary, the growing popularity of American Football and what handball might learn from it, and, of course, their handball training with FTC Budapest.

What’s clear: Handball is harder than it looks and the sport has picked up some new and genuine fans from American Football.

Complete video of the entire training session: Link
Shorter video with match footage: Link

FTC Budapest Team Captain, Timuzsin Schuch

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