Paul Bray: Over 30 Years of Handball Commentary

Paul Bray: 30+ Years and Over 2,000 Handball Matches

Perhaps you’ve been enjoying the 2020 Women’s European Handball Championship and the commentary provided by Paul Bray for the matches in Herning.  What you may not know, however, is that Bray has been commentating on handball for over 30 years.  Yes, he was commentating even when I was still playing.  I’ll never forget watching watching matches during the 1993 World Championships in our hotel room and everyone laughing at the British voice calling an offensive foul… barging.

The IHF World Handball magazine has a great story on Paul Bray to mark his now 30 years of handball commentary.  (See images below; for some reason it’s not available yet at the IHF website)  It’s a wonderful trip down memory lane for old timers and some great education for newcomers as to just how far handball broadcasts have come.

Some of the same history was covered in this podcast interview with Paul Bray from the 2007 World Championships in Germany.   We even speculated a bit about how web streaming might help the sport in the years to come.  Dare I say it:  we even seem prescient.

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