2021 IHF Men’s Handball World Championships Daily Preview (21 Jan 2021): Streaming Links, Odds and Predictions)

The latest ESPN+ Handball Schedule

All times are Egypt Local (CET is 1 hr behind; US ET is 7 hrs behind)
Odds courtesy of Bet MGM

If you want to watch the matches that aren’t available on ESPN+ check this article for how to watch geo-blocked matches on YouTube: Link

Main Round Group I

Standings Prior to Matches on 21 January
  • 1630 Uruguay vs Poland (-19.5) (YouTube)
  • 1900 Hungary (-3.5) vs Brazil (YouTube)
  • 2130 Spain (-2.5) vs Germany  (YouTube)

Group 1 will start the next 3 match days with a match vs Uruguay destined for a 10+ goal loss. But, following that blowout this Group should have two interesting matchups each day. And, unlike the other groups I think every team but, Uruguay, still has a legitimate shot at placing in the top 2 slots and moving on to the quarterfinals.

Main Round Group II

Standings Prior to Matches on 21 January
  • 1630 Japan (-1.5) vs Argentina (YouTube)
  • 1900 Croatia (-7.5) vs Bahrain (on ESPN+) (YouTube) w/English commentary
  • 2130 Denmark (-5.5) vs Qatar (on ESPN+) (YouTube) w/English commentary

Denmark and Croatia are the big favorites to advance out of Group II. Croatia has looked vulnerable at times, but they have already beaten what appears to be the 3rd best team of the group, Qatar, and it’s hard to see Argentina or Bahrain knocking them off, If Qatar is going to alter that destiny they will need to pull a big upset over Denmark today.

President’s Cup Group I

  • 1630 Cape Verde vs Tunisia <Cancelled>
  • 1900 Angola (-4.5) vs DR Congo (YouTube)

Due to Cape Verde’s withdrawal this President’s Cup group will have a forfeit the rest of the way.

Betting Predictions

For this tournament we’ve doing some betting predictions using an imaginary starting bankroll of a 1,000 Euros. Joining me will be, Sharp Action, a former professional handball player from France.

Odds are either from the Bet MGM or the Bet Rivers online sportsbooks.

John’s Pick(s):

  • Bankroll: $823 (Yesterday Start) – $100 (Yesterday’s Loss) = $723 (Current Bankroll)
  • Yesterday’s Result:
    • Norway alternate handicap 1st half; Norway (-2.5) (+104 or 2.04); Bet $100 to win $104; RESULT: Lose $100 (Norway led at the half 16-14)
  • Today’s Pick: Brazil vs Hungary
    • Brazil alternate handicap; Brazil (+2.5) (+115 or 2.15); Bet $100 to win $115
    • Brazil had a total meltdown on Monday vs Poland. Trailing 11-13 at the half Poland scored 20 goals in the 2nd half to win 33-23. Did Poland expose all of Brazil’s weaknesses? Or was it just one of those halves? I think it was the latter and Brazil will bounce back and put up a good fight today for all 60 minutes

Sharp Action’s Pick(s):

  • Bankroll: $1,175.50 (Current Bankroll)
  • Yesterday’s Results: N/A
  • Today’s Pick #1: Japan vs Argentina
    • 1st half Over 25.5 goals, (-120 or 1.84), Bet 100$ to win $84
    • I’ve already talked quite a bit about why I like Japan. Their strengths are their intensity, high rhythm, passing game and discipline in following coach Sigurdsson’s instructions. That said, they also have some big weaknesses in defense where their inexperience leads to naive decisions and plenty of scoring opportunities for their opponents. And, those scoring opportunities generally result in goals as their goalkeeping hasn’t been very effective. This all translates into plenty of goals for both sides. Japan’s style of handball has a cost and they often falter in the 2nd half, but I anticipate them being very effective for the first 30 minutes. Side note: Argentina get Diego Simonet back, and it changes everything for them. He’s the soul of the attack, a magician and one of my favorite players to watch. And, with him Argentina is a more capable scoring team on offense.
  • Today’s Pick #2: 2 Way Parlay: 1) Spain (-182 or 1.55) vs Germany and 2) Slovenia (-167 or 1.60) vs Sweden); Overall Parlay (+148 or 2.48); Bet $50 to $74.
    • Germany vs Spain : I just think Spain is the better side here. Before the start of the tournament I had them to win it all. Spain is a complete team, well coached, and they have played with each other for a long time now. Their hybrid 6-0 defense is very tricky and they plant traps that make it very difficult to attack them. Their 5-1 is very efficient, too. And, if you do manage to beat their defense you still have to beat Perez de Vargas or Corrales, one of the best GK pairs in the tournament, in my opinion. On attack, they have plenty options in attack with very experienced playmakers in Entrerrios and Sarmiento. And, then they can change their style with Dujshebaev if needed. They simply have much more options then Germany and a deeper bench.
    • Slovenia vs Sweden (actually to be played tomorrow). It’s much the same story with Slovenia being the better side here. The young Swedish side fought well against Egypt but I still think their options are limited, and Jim Gotfridsson HAS to have a good game for them to win. I think, like Spain, Slovenia simply has more options and more quality. The +148 or 2.48 odds for the parlay gives us a 40% implied probability. Whereas, I think it’s much closer to 50%.