2021 IHF Men’s Handball World Championships Daily Preview (27 Jan 2021): Streaming Links, Odds and Predictions)

2 Quarterfinal Matchups Tomorrow on ESPN+

All times are Egypt Local (CET is 1 hr behind; US ET is 7 hrs behind)
Odds courtesy of Bet MGM

If you want to watch the matches that aren’t available on ESPN+ check this article for how to watch geo-blocked matches on YouTube: Link


  • 1830 Denmark (-3.5) vs Egypt (on ESPN+) (YouTube) w/English commentary (Paul Bray)
  • 2130 Sweden (-3.5) vs Qatar  (on ESPN+) (YouTube) w/English commentary (Paul Bray)
  • 2130 Spain vs Norway (-1.5) (YouTube)
    • Commentary MP3 with Chris O’Reilly: Full Match MP3
      • 1st Half (Set YouTube Clock to 7:30)
      • 2nd Half (Set YouTube Clock to 1:00:30) (MP3 time: 42:20)
    • Be sure to listen to Chris and the other lads on (Un)Informed Handball Hour
  • 2130 France (-2.5) vs Hungary  (YouTube)
    • Commentary MP3 with John Ryan

If you are bummed that 3 of the most important games of the year are being played at the same time you are not alone. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t just watch each match one at a time later. Nobody’s holding a gun at your head making you check the scores on social media either. What are you going to watch on Thursday anyway? To add to your experience we will also add some audio that you can synch up to the YouTube video. I will be doing commentary on the France – Hungary match and Chris O’Reilly will be providing commentary on the Spain – Norway match.

President’s Cup

  • 31st Place Cape Verde vs S Korea (Cape Verde Forfeit)
  • 29th Place 1830 Angola (-2.5) vs Morocco (YouTube) 
  • 27th Place 1600 DR Congo vs Chile (-5.5) (YouTube)
  • 25th Place 1830 Tunisia (-1.5) vs Austria  (YouTube)

Betting Predictions

For this tournament we’ve doing some betting predictions using an imaginary starting bankroll of a 1,000 Euros. Joining me will be, Sharp Action, a former professional handball player from France.

Odds are either from the Bet MGM or the Bet Rivers online sportsbooks.

John’s Pick(s):

  • Bankroll: $898 (Yesterday Start) + $125 (Yesterday’s Win) = $1,023 (Current Bankroll) Bankroll)
  • Yesterday’s Result:
    • Argentina vs Qatar; 1st half total (over 24.5) (+125 or 2.25); Bet $100 to win $125; RESULT: ARG led 13-12 at HT; Win $125
  • Today’s Pick:
    • Denmark vs Egypt; Alt Handicap Denmark (-3.5) 1st half (+160 or 2.6); Bet $100 to win $160
      • Egypt are the hosts, but Denmark is simply a much better team. Perhaps if this match was being played in front of a large crowd I would a little bit differently about Egypt’s chances. Regardless, this match is still being played in Egypt and Denmark will have extra incentive to build up a solid lead early which is why I’m going with the first half bet.

Sharp Action’s Pick(s):

  • Bankroll: Bankroll: $1,071 (Yesterday Start) + $396.69 (Yesterday’s win) = $1,467.69 (Current Bankroll)
  • Yesterday’s Results:
    • Pick #1: Denmark (+116 or 2.16) vs Croatia; Bet $200 to win $232; RESULT: Denmark won 38-26; Win $232
    • Pick #2: Argentina vs Qatar; Youssef Ben Ali over 2.5 goals (+105 or 2.05); Bet $100 to win $105: RESULT: Ben Ali had 3 goals; Win $105
    • Pick #3: Spain (-2.5) vs Hungary; (-148 or 1.68); Bet $100 to win $59.69; RESULT: Spain won 36-28; Win 59.69
  • Today’s Picks
    • Pick #1: Spain vs Norway; Spain (+120 or 2.2) to win (including extra time/penalties); Bet $100 to win $120
      • For Spain-Norway the odds opened as a 50-50, but they have since drifted in favor of Norway. I think it should be the other way, with Spain as the slight favorite and I’m happy to have the + money. I think Spain is more complete. They have a better defense and a better pair of keepers. They also have had the same core players for a long time now. They know each other, are well coached, and they’re not dependent on one player’s performance the way Norway is with Sagosen. I’ll go with the more complete team here to win.
    • Pick #2: 2 leg parlay; Denmark vs Egypt and Tunisia vs Austria
      • Leg 1: Denmark to win (-345 or 1.29)
      • Leg 2: Tunisia to win (-136 or 1.74)
      • Parlay odds: (+124 or 2.24); Bet $100 to win $124
        • I have a hard time seeing Denmark losing this match, but at -345 it’s a pretty steep “to win” price, hence I’m pairing it with Tunisia which is a slight favorite in their game vs Austria. From my vantage point the parlay turns Tunisia into a slight favorite and a good value play.
    • Pick #3: Denmark vs Egypt
      • Emil Jacobsen (over 2.5 goals) (-200 or 1.5); Bet $50 to win $25
      • Jacobsen has a very high percentage of goals / shots and Denmark is a team who unlike many others actually uses their wingers. Also he often is ends up as the scorer on many fast breaks.
    • Pick #4: Denmark vs Egypt
      • Svan Hansen (Over 2.5 goals) (-167 or 1.6); Bet $50 to win $30
      • Same explanation as Jacobsen above.

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