2021 IHF Men’s Handball World Championships Daily Preview (31 Jan 2021): Streaming Links, Odds and Predictions)

The 2021 Men’s World Handball Championship Final today. Live on ESPN+ at 11:30 AM (US ET)

All times are Egypt Local (CET is 1 hr behind; US ET is 7 hrs behind)
Odds courtesy of Bet MGM

If you want to watch the matches that aren’t available on ESPN+ check this article for how to watch geo-blocked matches on YouTube: Link


  • Bronze Medal Match: 1530 France vs Spain (-1.5) (on ESPN+) (YouTube) w/English commentary (Paul Bray)
  • Gold Medal Match: 1830 Denmark (-2.5) vs Sweden (on ESPN+) (YouTube) w/English commentary (Paul Bray)

Can the young, new look Sweden team keep surprising all the way to a title? Or, will the defending champions claim another title? We’ll soon find out.

Betting Predictions

For this tournament we’ve been doing some betting predictions using an imaginary starting bankroll of a 1,000 Euros. Joining me is, Sharp Action, a former professional handball player from France.

Odds are either from the Bet MGM or the Bet Rivers online sportsbooks.

John’s Pick(s):

  • Bankroll: $923 (Friday Start) – $100 (Friday’s Loss) = $823 (Current Bankroll) Bankroll)
  • Friday’s Result:
    • France vs Sweden; Alternate Handicap; France (-3.5) (+188 or 2.88); Bet 100 to win 188; RESULT: Sweden won 32-26; Lose $100
  • Sunday’s Pick:
    • Denmark vs Sweden; Denmark (-2.5) (-105 or 195); Bet 105 to win 100
      • This Sweden team has proven me (and others) wrong over and over during this tournament. Can, they do it yet one more time? I don’t think so. Denmark is a better, more experienced team. I’m also thinking Landin will do better than France’s 11% GK save rate in the Semifinal. But, I’m giving this Sweden some respect. I was tempted to take the -4.5 alternate handicap at +180 to get to on the plus side for the tourney, but I’ve seen enough now to believe this Sweden team is more than capable of keeping it close.

Sharp Action’s Pick(s):

  • Bankroll: Bankroll: $1,691.69 (Friday Start) + $53 (Friday’s win) = $1,744.69 (Current Bankroll)
  • Wednesday’s Results:
    • Pick #1: Hugo Descat; Over 2.5 goals (-118 or 1.85); Bet $100 to win $85; RESULT: Descat scored 5 goals; Win $85
    • Pick #2:Nedim Remili; Over 2.5 goals (-147 or 1.68); Bet $100 to win $85; RESULT: Remili scored 4 goals; Win $68
    • Pick #3:Spain to win (Draw- no bet) (+110 or 2.1); Bet $100 to win $110; RESULT: Spain lost to Denmark, 35-33; Lose $100
  • Sunday’s Picks
    • Spain vs France
      • Pick #1: Hugo DESCAT Over 2.5 goals; (-147 or 1.68); Bet $100 to win $68.
      • As we say in French, “on ne change pas une équipe qui gagne” or maybe as you Americans would, “keep going to the well until it runs dry.” I haven’t lost a single prop on Hugo Descat. The bookies are starting to adapt and his odds are far from where they were earlier in the tournament, but they’re still not a bad deal. As I’ve said before, he doesn’t need a lot of minutes to score a lot.
    • Denmark vs Sweden :
      • Pick #2: Magnus LANDIN Over 2.5 goals (+110 or 2.10); Bet 100$ to win $110
      • Pick #3: Daniel PETTERSSON Over 1.5 goals (-200 or 1.5); Bet 100$ to win $50
      • Pick #4: Lasse SVAN HANSEN Over 2.5 goals (-167 or 1.60); Bet $100 to win $60
      • For this match it’s very simple. I’m just taking every single line for any winger on either team that is set at 1.5 or 2.5 goals. With the quality these wingers have shown and the propensity both teams have to finish their attacks from the wing it just makes sense. And, of course both teams also have quite a few fast breaks. Both teams have real rockets on the wings, very technical, fast and accurate. You can almost call them 100 percenters.

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