2021 IHF Men’s Handball World Championships Daily Wrap up (1 Feb 2021): A Review of Yesterday’s Picks and other Odds Bet Winners

The biggest longshot winner of the tourney: All Star GK, Andreas Palicka at 17-1; But, if he had been listed, I wonder what Qatar’s Frankis Marzo would have gotten as top scorer?

Here’s a wrap up of the 2021 IHF Men’s Handball World Championships odds bet winners.

Preliminary Groups

  • Key
    • Green: Group Winner
    • Yellow: Qualified for Main Round
    • Red: Sent to the President’s Cup
  • Biggest positive surprise: Russia winning Group H at 7 to 1
  • Biggest negative surprises: Slovenia, Norway and Germany not winning their groups
  • Biggest “almost” surprises: Morocco, Angola and Chile almost qualified for the Main Round
  • No surprise: Most of the likely President’s Cup participants went to the President’s Cup. The only minor exception was Uruguay and they would have likely lost to Cape Verde if Cape Verde hadn’t had to withdraw due to too many positive COVID tests.

Main Round Groups

  • Key
    • Green: Group Winner
    • Yellow: Qualified for Quarterfinals
    • Red: Tournament over
  • Biggest positive surprises: Sweden winning Main Round Group IV and Qatar qualifying for the Quarterfinals
  • Biggest negative surprises: Slovenia, Croatia and Germany failing to make the Quarterfinals
  • Biggest “almost” surprise: Argentina almost qualifying for the Quarterfinals.
  • No surprise: Denmark and Spain easily winning their respective Groups.

To Win the Championship Odds

  • Key
    • Green: Champion
    • Tan: Runner Up
    • Yellow: Lost in Semifinals
    • Blue: Lost in Quarterfinals
  • Biggest positive surprises: Sweden finishing second
  • Biggest negative surprise: None really
  • Biggest “almost” surprise: Egypt almost beating Denmark to make the semifinals; and honorable mention: Hungary almost beating France.
  • No surprise: Pre-Tournament favorite Denmark taking the title.

MVP and All Star GK

No major surprise with Mikkel Hansen winning the MVP at 3 to 1 odds, but Andreas Palicka was a nice payday at 17 to 1. Hard to say for sure, but if Sweden won the title, Gottfridsson would have returned 30 to 1 and… there was no line for Palicka. Or, for a “field” bet which is kind of messed up, in my opininon

Top Scorer

And, why is not having a field bet messed up? Because, you never know what might happen. Frankis Marzo of Qatar led the competition in scoring with 58 goals and he wasn’t listed. One can only assume, if listed individually, he would have been around 200-1 or so.

Betting Picks

For the record here’s mine and Sharp Actions picks from the Final day. Not the best campaign for me, but don’t feel sorry for me. I jumped on the Sharp Action bandwagon and did alright for myself. I’ll have a full accounting of our betting action later in the week.

John’s Pick(s):

  • Bankroll: $823 (Sunday Start) – $105 (Sunday’s Loss) = $718 (Final Bankroll)
  • Sunday’s Result:
    • Denmark vs Sweden; Denmark (-2.5) (-105 or 1.95); Bet 105 to win 100; RESULT: Denmark won 26-24; Lose $105

Sharp Action’s Pick(s):

  • Bankroll: Bankroll: $1,744.69 (Sunday Start) – $82 (Sunday’s loss) = $1,662.69 (Final Bankroll)
  • Wednesday’s Results:
    • Pick #1: Hugo DESCAT Over 2.5 goals; (-147 or 1.68); Bet $100 to win $68; RESULT: Descat scored 7 goals; Win $68
    • Pick #2: Magnus LANDIN Over 2.5 goals (+110 or 2.10); Bet 100$ to win $110; RESULT: Landin scored 2 goals; Lose $100
    • Pick #3: Daniel PETTERSSON Over 1.5 goals (-200 or 1.5); Bet 100$ to win $50; RESULT: Pettersson scored 2 goals; Win $50
    • Pick #4: Lasse SVAN HANSEN Over 2.5 goals (-167 or 1.60); Bet $100 to win $60; RESULT: Svan Hansen was injured, saw limited action and scored 0 goals; Lose $100

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