2020 Men’s Olympic Qualification Tournaments Preview (Saturday- Day 2)

South Korea will take on Brazil in a Match that will likely earn the winner an Olympic Berth.

How to watch the Olympic Qualification Tournaments

  • If you live in a country where there is no TV broadcast the matches should be available on the IHF YouTube Channel. Those matches can be accessed here and I will be posting a daily preview with direct links to each match video (see below).
  • If you live in a country where there is a TV broadcast you may be geo-blocked out of accessing the IHF YouTube Channel. This is often the case even for matches that are not available on YouTube. It is, however, usually possible to watch matches using VPN. More information on how to use VPNWhat I use) (Note: I would encourage handball fans to watch matches on TV when possible as you usually will get a better picture, but if there isn’t a TV broadcast available where you live… what else are you going to do?)
  • USA Residents: There is no USA TV broadcast and matches are available on YouTube
  • Canadian Residents: The CBC will be live streaming at least some matches: Link

Would you like to know when and where handball matches can be streamed online year round? If yes, follow Team Handball News on social media for regular updates: Twitter Facebook Instagram

CET is 6 hours ahead of US ET. Odds courtesy of 10 Bet.

HEADS UP FOR SUNDAY: Daylight Savings Time starts in the U.S. and Canada, but doesn’t start in Europe for another 2 weeks. This means that you will need to substract 1 hour less than you normally do.

Tournament 1 (Verde Complex, Podgorica, Montenegro)

Standings after Day 1
  • Brazil (-4.5) vs S Korea (Saturday, 1730 CET / 1130 US ET) Video Link
    • S Korea built up a 9 goal lead yesterday vs Chile and held off a furious comeback to win 36-35 while Brazil lost to Norway 32-20. With Norway likely to win all 3 of its matches this contest will likely determine 2nd place and a ticket Tokyo.
  • Norway (-14.5) vs Chile (Saturday, 2000 CET / 1430 US ET) Video Link
    • Includes English Language commentary with Paul Bray
    • Norway are heavy favorites here to take care of Chile.

Tournament 2 (AccorHotels Arena, Paris)

Standings after Day 1
  • Croatia (-1.5) vs Portugal (Saturday, 1830 CET / 1230 US ET) Video Link
    • Portugal took care of business vs Tunisia with a 34-27 win while Croatia’s 30-26 loss puts them in a bit of a hole. A win for Portugal will all but qualify them for the Olympics. And, likewise a Croatia win will likely put them back on track as well.
    • The 4 goal loss to France, however, puts Croatia in a bit of a goal differential hole should Portugal knock off France and create a 3 way tie between France, Croatia, and Portugal. Croatia would need a 5 goal win over Portugal to guarantee qualification should that scenario occur.
    • Further Analysis of Tournament 2 scenarios: Link
  • France (-6.5) vs Tunisia (Saturday, 2100 CET / 1500 US ET) Video Link
    • France will be heavily favored, but they will need to be prepared as Tunisia is capable of pulling off an upset.

Tournament 3 (Max-Schmeling-Halle, Berlin)

Standings after Day 1
  • Germany (-1.5) vs Slovenia (Saturday, 1535 CET / 0935 US ET) Video Link
    • Includes English Language commentary with Paul Bray
    • Germany made a late comeback to draw with Sweden, (25-25) and picked up an important point while Slovenia beat Algeria 36-28. A win by either team here will likely qualify that side for Tokyo.
  • Sweden (-8.5) vs Algeria (Saturday, 1800 CET / 1200 US ET) Video Link
    • Sweden, like Slovenia should have no problems with Algeria. Their big match for qualification will likely be vs Slovenia on Sunday
  • Tournament 3 Scenarios (Assuming that Algeria loses all 3 matches): Link