Handball Web Streaming this Weekend (12-14 Mar 2021)

From the Cannes Facebook page. Nicole Andersen talks about the using the upcoming match vs undefeated Celles-sur-Belles as preparation for big matches to come to avoid relegation
  • This post only has links for club matches and 2022 European Qualification matches this weekend. For Olympic Qualification information see these posts:
    • Friday, 12 March: Link
    • Saturday, 13 March: Link
    • Sunday, 14 March: Link

Note the U.S. and Canada start Daylight Savings Time on Sunday. On Friday and Saturday CET is 6 hours ahead of US ET. On Sunday CET is only 5 hours ahead of US ET . Odds courtesy of Bet MGM.

American Athletes in Action

  • D2F (France)
    • As Cannes Mandelieu vs Belles-sur-Celles (Saturday, 1800 CET): Video Link 
      • Nicole Andersen plays defense and left back for Cannes
      • Last place Cannes has a huge challenge as they face undefeated Belles-sur-Celles
  • HBF 2 (Germany)
    • Werder Bremen vs TSV Nord Harrisle  (Saturday, 1930): Video Link
      • Sophie Fasold is a GK for Harrislee
      • 6th place Harrislee goes for their 9th win in a row vs 10th place Werder Bremen

Other Matches this Weekend

  • 2022 European Championship Qualification:  ehfTV 
    • Slovakia vs Hungary (-7.5) (Friday, 1900 CET) 
    • Czech Republic (-6.5) vs Faroe Islands (Friday, 2015 CET) 
    • Latvia vs Belarus (-3.5) (Saturday, 1410 CET) 
      • NOTE: Remember Daylight Savings Starts on Sunday in the U.S. (Subtract 1 less hour than normal)
    • Switzerland (-10.5) vs Finland (Sunday, 1400 CET) 
    • Lithuania (-5.5) vs Israel (Sunday, 1500 CET) 
    • Denmark (-9.5) vs N Macedonia (Sunday, 1600 CET) 
    • Bosnia and Herzegovina (-1.5) vs Austria (Sunday, 1700 CET) 
    • Romania (-7.5) vs Kosovo (Sunday, 1700 CET) 
    • Poland (-3.5) vs Netherlands (Sunday, 1815 CET) 
    • Faroe Islands vs Ukraine (-3.5) (Sunday, 1900 CET) 
    • Czech Republic vs Russia (-0.5) (Sunday, 2015 CET) 
  • European Cup (for nations already qualified)
    • Hungary vs Slovakia (Sunday, 1630 CET)