2020 Women’s Olympic Qualification Tournaments Preview (Saturday- Day 2)

How to watch the Olympic Qualification Tournaments

  • If you live in a country where there is no TV broadcast the matches should be available on the IHF YouTube Channel. Those matches can be accessed here and I will be posting a daily preview with direct links to each match video (see below).
  • If you live in a country where there is a TV broadcast you may be geo-blocked out of accessing the IHF YouTube Channel. This is often the case even for matches that are not available on YouTube. It is, however, usually possible to watch matches using VPN. More information on how to use VPNWhat I use) (Note: I would encourage handball fans to watch matches on TV when possible as usually get a better picture, but if there isn’t a TV broadcast available where you live… what else are you going to do?)
  • USA Residents: There is no USA TV broadcast and matches should be available on YouTube
  • Canadian Residents: The CBC will be live streaming the matches with English commentary: Link

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While the U.S. and Canada have started Daylight Saving Time, Europe doesn’t start it until March 28. Because of this CET is currently just 5 hours ahead of US ET. Odds courtesy of 10 Bet.

Tournament 1 Polideportivo Pla de l’Arc, Llíria, Spain)

Standings after Day 1
  • Sweden (-8.5) vs Argentina (Saturday, 1815 CET / 1315 US ET) Video Link
    • Spain and Sweden played to a draw to open this qualifying tournament and now both of those teams will play Argentina and both will be favored to win by a significant margin. Because they tied, 1st and 2nd place will now likely be determined by whoever beats Argentina by more goals.

Tournament 2 (Audi Aréna, Győr, Hungary)

Standings after Day 1
  • Serbia vs Hungary (-1.5) (Saturday, 1730 CET / 1230 US ET) Video Link
    • Includes English Language commentary with Paul Bray
    • With Serbia losing yesterday as expected to Russia 29-24 this match is very likely to settle 2nd place in the tournament. Hungary easily beat Serbia 38-26 just a few months ago at the European Championships and is missing a key player in Andrea Lekic. But, as this IHF article suggests this is a different Serbian team and they know this is a pivotal match.
    • A Hungarian victory will qualify Hungary for Tokyo.
    • A Serbian victory will probably qualify Serbia, but it would have to await the outcome of the Hungary-Russia match on Sunday. A victory by Hungary over Russia would set up a 3 way tie that would be settled by goal differential.
  • Russia (-22.5) vs Kazakhstan (Saturday, 2030 CET / 1530 US ET) Video Link
    • Based on Hungary’s 27 goal victory over Kazakhstan yesterday, Russia should have no problems today.

Tournament 3 (Verde Complex, Podgorica, Montenegro)

Standings after Day 1
  • Norway (-6.5) vs Romania (Saturday, 1930 CET / 1430 US ET) Video Link
    • Includes English Language commentary with Paul Bray
    • This match was supposed to confirm Norway’s status as the winner of the tournament, but thanks to Montenegro’s huge surprise 28-23 victory over Norway this is now the likely battle for 2nd place. Undoubtedly, Romania will be taking notes as to how Montenegro effectively slowed down Norway’s offense and will try to accomplish the same feat.
    • A Romanian victory will qualify Romania for Tokyo and will eliminate Norway
    • A Norway win will not guarantee them qualification as a Romanian victory over Montenegro on Sunday would set up a 3 way tie that would be settled by goal differential. Every plus goal improves Norway’s chances and a 6 goal victory would guarantee them qualification for Tokyo. Conversely, a win by just 1-3 goals would likely require a big Romanian victory over Montenegro. (see below for details)

3 Way Tie Scenarios

This chart depicts possible Goal Differential combinations. The first column shows the goal differential standings after yesterday’s game. The 2nd column shows what the standings after today’s Norway-Romania match based on different margins of victory. The 3rd column shows different possibilities after the 3rd and final match between Romania and Montenegro. Green = Qualification; Red = Eliminated and Yellow = Tied (with the next tiebreaker being offensive goals scored)