Handball Web Streaming this Week (26 to 29 Apr 2021): Euro 2022 Qualification

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Euro 2022 Qualification

Qualification for the Men’s 2022 European Championships will be the focus this week so all the major club leagues are taking the week off. All told, over the course of the next 7 days (26 April to 2 May) there will be 37 qualification matches on ehfTV. 37 matches!

There are 8 qualification groups with 4 teams each and the top 2 nations will qualify from each of these groups. Further, with the European Championships expansion to 24 nations, the 4 best 3rd place nations will also qualify. These 4 teams will be determined by ranking the 3rd place teams from all 8 groups based on the points and goal differential they’ve obtained in Group Play vs the 1st and 2nd place teams in their group. (Results against the 4th place team are thrown out.) As you might expect this means picking off 2 points for a win or 1 point for a draw against the top two teams in your group are likely to be critical for qualification.

2020 Qualification as a Reference Point

The 2020 Championships also had the same qualification format and for reference here’s the 3rd place table that decided the final 4 qualifying teams:

For Reference: The Last 4 Nations that Qualified for the 2020 Euro

For 2020 qualification just 1 win vs the top two teams in your group was necessary to be in contention and then Israel was pipped by Ukraine on goal differential. That doesn’t mean this will also be the case in 2022, but it’s a good reference point.

2022 Qualification: Current Standings for Best 3rd Place

2022 Euro Qualification (Best 3rd Place Standings- Prior to Matches on 27 April)

As it stands, however, this table is somewhat meaningless because there are several matches to be played and it’s not very clear which teams are even actually likely to finish in 3rd place. Currently, no team in these standings even has a victory against the top 2 teams in their group. This means that just 1 upset victory against a top team might be enough for qualification so almost every team still has a chance to qualify. It also means that it’s way too early to break down all the possible scenarios, but I will be updating this post throughout the week. And, then on Friday, I’ll go through all the scenarios… which could be a challenging mess heading into the final match day on Sunday

Euro 2022 Qualification Matches (All matches can be seen on ehfTV)

  • Monday
    • 2000 CET: Israel (-3) vs Lithuania
      • Israel won 34-28
  • Tuesday
    • 1800 CET: Turkey vs Slovenia (-7.5)
      • Slovenia won 30-22.
    • 1900 CET: Greece vs France (-12.5)
      • France won 40-31.
    • 1930 CET: Israel vs Iceland (-7.5)
      • Iceland won 30-20.
  • Wednesday
    • 1700 CET: Ukraine (-0.5) vs Czech Republic
      • The Czech Republic won 28-26.
    • 1700 CET: Romania vs Sweden (-6.5)
      • Sweden won 31-23.
    • 1700 CET: Finland vs N. Macedonia (-5.5)
      • N. Macedonia won 27-23
    • 1830 CET: Russia (-10.5) vs Faroe Islands
      • Russia won 31-24.
    • 1830 CET: Switzerland vs Denmark (-5.5)
      • Denmark won 30-29..
    • 1840 CET: Latvia vs Norway (-12.5)
      • Norway won 28-23.
    • 1930 CET: Kosovo vs Montenegro (-3.5)
      • Montenegro won 27-22.
  • Thursday
    • 1400 CET: Greece vs Serbia (-6.5)
      • Greece is all but guaranteed to finish in 3rd place and they likely need an upset vs Serbia or France on Sunday to advance. Serbia beat Greece 31-21 in January.
    • 1610 CET: Bosnia & Herzegovina vs Germany (-5)
      • Germany has already qualified and Bosnia is in a 3 way fight for 2nd/3rd with Austria and Estonia in Group 2. Germany beat Bosnia 25-21 in November.
    • 1800 CET: Turkey vs Netherlands (-3.5)
      • Turkey has been eliminated and will play for pride. With a win the Netherlands will be a step closer to qualification. The Netherlands beat Turkey 27-26 in November.
    • 1800 CET: Lithuania vs Iceland (-7.5)
      • Iceland has all but qualified and Lithuania needs an upset for a chance at 3rd place qualification. Iceland destroyed Lithuania 36-20 in November.
    • 1815 CET: Norway (-11) vs Latvia
      • Norway has all but qualified and Latvia needs an upset for a chance at 3rd place qualification. Yesterday, they put up a gallant effort before falling to Norway, 28-23.
    • 1830 CET: Estonia vs Austria (-2.5)
      • Estonia and Austria are level on 3 points in Group 2. This match might well be an elimination match. Austria beat Estonia 31-28 in November.
    • 1900 CET: Italy vs Belarus (-5.5)
      • Belarus has all but qualified and Italy needs an upset for a chance at 3rd place qualification. Belarus beat Italy 32-27 in March.
    • 1900 CET: Israel vs Portugal (-6.5)
      • Portugal has all but qualified and Israel needs an upset for a chance at 3rd place qualification. Portugal beat Israel 31-22 in November.
    • 2000 CET: Poland vs Slovenia (Picke’em)
      • So far in Group 5 Poland just has 2 victories over already eliminated Turkey. They really need a win here to stay in contention for 2nd place and for 2 points should they finish in 3rd. With a win Slovenia will qualify an should they lose they will play Turkey on Sunday. Slovenia beat Poland 32-29 in March.
  • Friday
    • 1800 CET: Montenegro vs Sweden (-3.5)
      • Sweden has already qualified while Montenegro is still fighting for qualification. An upset win by Montenegro over Sweden would qualify them and make Sunday’s big match vs Romania a friendly for them.
    • 2045 CET: Faroe Islands vs Czech Republic (-4.5)
      • The Faroe Islands have been eliminated, but surely would like to get a win on home soil. The Czech Republic has a big match vs Ukraine on Sunday, but this match will have no impact to their qualification chances.