Scottish Handball Association Hosts International Conference

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The Scottish Handball Association is hosting an International Conference on Wednesday and Thursday (28-29 April). The theme of the conference is “Beyond Winning and Losing: Collaborating for More Important Results” and all of the briefings and interviews can be viewed online.

  • Conference Website: Link
  • Speakers: Link
  • Schedule: Link
    • Start and Stop times both days
      • 1600-2000 CET
      • 1500-1900 Scotland
      • 1000-1400 US ET
  • Registration: Link

There are several interesting items on the schedule (check it out), but here are a few that I’m looking forward to seeing

  • Wednesday, 28 April
    • 1800 CET: How to build participation in Handball within Scottish Schools
    • 1900 CET: Big Sport, Wee Countries, Big Ambition: What Scottish Handball and other ‘minority’ sports can learn from success of Faroes and Portugal in growing their game
  • Thursday, 29 April
    • 1600 CET: Challenges of Growing Handball: A North American perspective (with yours truly, John Ryan)
    • 1930 CET: British Handball – past, present and future (with handball TV Commentator and British Handball’s Paul Bray)

Challenges of Growing Handball: A North American Perspective

A few notes on this, as it was a fun, informal discussion with yours truly and Scottish Handball’s Stephen Neilson. We covered several topics including the following:

  • How the U.S. and other English speaking countries have tried to varying degrees of success to capitalize on Olympic Opportunities
  • Whether the need to field competitive national teams can be a “distraction” that negatively impacts grass roots development
  • Which English speaking nation might be best on track for a “breakthrough” in the handball world
  • How the current U.S. reliance on dual citizens might impact stateside development… (My perspective might surprise you)

The conference is free and available to all who register.