Podcast (Episode 78): Detroit Handball’s Joey Williams (Part 2)

Joey Williams is the President of the Detroit Handball Club. In Part 2 of our two part conversation we cover several topics to include:

  • European vs American club naming conventions
  • Handball social media: Attention for attention’s sake? (3:30)
    • Rodger Sherman of the Ringer hyping Mvumbi on Twitter: Link (an earlier more viral tweet got taken down)
    • The need to back up the social media image
    • Detroit’s 3 on 3 handball league: Link (Clearly, not handball, but there was a point to it)
  • Detroit Handball Club’s future in 1 year… 5 years (21:00)
  • Mercenary club teams in the U.S. (26:30)
  • Detroit Handball Club training with Sporting Handball in Portugal (38:00): Link
  • Josh Forsthoefel questions sent in on Twitter (47:00): Link
  • What does success look like for handball in the U.S.? (52:30)
  • Detroit Handball Documentary (1:01:50) : Link
  • Detroit Handball Club on Social Media

Part 1 of our interview: Link

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