Podcast (Episode 79): Colton Strickler of Colorado XO Rugby (Part 1): Has this Rugby Club Cracked the Code for Successful Talent Transfer?

Colton Strickler is a media representative for DNVR Rugby. The Colorado XO Rugby Club is a rugby club located in Glendale, Colorado that is focused on rugby training for crossover or “talent transfer” athletes from other sports. In just 2 years time this program has had 6 athletes sign pro rugby contracts with Major League Rugby, the relatively new pro rugby competition started in the U.S.

On the podcast we discuss:

  • Why Rugby’s experience is applicable to handball
    • The XO athlete that triggered this whole podcast: Link
  • Colton’s rugby background
  • Rugby talent transfer: Rugby 7s vs Rugby 15s
  • How the Colorado XOs got started
  • Colorado XO Recruiting Strategies
  • Sports the XOs target
  • The limited post collegiate options for American athletes
  • Colorado XO finances (generalities, not specifics)
  • How the Colorado XO schedule is a bit like Notre Dame football
  • The program’s connection with USA Rugby
  • Coaching and training regimen

  • Colorado XO Website: Link
  • Colorado XO Rugby on Social Media
  • DNVR Rugby Website: Link
  • DNVR Twitter: Link
  • Colton Strickler on Twitter: Link

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