2024 Men’s European Handball Championships (Streaming and Information Links)

The 2024 EHF Men’s European Handball Championship will start this Wednesday, 10 January and will conclude on Sunday, 28 January. Here is some information on streaming, how to follow the tournament, and who the sports betting sites have favored to win the tournament and premliminary groups.

Streaming / TV

Your options for watching the 2024 EHF Euro will vary depending on where you live. Some nations will be able to watch all the matches on ehfTV while other nations will have all or some of the matches available on a TV Channel and/or streaming service to which the rights have been sold. This EHF article outlines how to watch in each nation: Link

  • Nations without a TV Contract: ehfTV: Link
    • Register with ehfTV:  Link  (ehfTV is a free platform, but does require a simple one-time registration)
  • USA: This EHF article indicates that matches in the U.S. will be on beIN Sport US. However, the beIN Sports channel guide currently doesn’t list any handball matches on its schedule. Additionally, for the 2022 Euro, the contract was also with beIN Sport, but ehfTV was not geo-blocked in the U.S. (We’ll soon find out if that will hold for 2024 as well. Regardless, I will update this post with the latest information.)
  • Canada: The EHF article indicates that matches in Canada will be on DAZN. I don’t know if ehfTV will be geo-blocked in Canada or not.
  • VPN: A Virtual Private Network (VPN) may be an aternative option. For more information on how to use VPN check this article out: Link
  • Spam Sites: You’ve surely seen the multitude of social media postings inviting you to watch the match on their “free” service. (These folks are relentless with their spamming) Don’t even bother with these sites. They typically will ask you to download a video player on your computer. Trust me… you don’t want that app on your computer and in all likelihood they won’t even have the match. Go with the provider in your country or VPN.

How to Follow the Competition

  • Competition Wikipedia Page: Link (For simple, easy to find schedule, results and standings Wikipedia is the place to go)
  • EHF Competition Page: Link (Official Stats and match summaries)
  • Links to social media, Twitch channe and the official EHF App: Link
  • Uninformed Handball Hour Podcast: Link

Wagering Information

  • Draftkings European Championships Odds: Link
  • Bet365 European Championships Odds: Link
  • Futures Odds (Bet Rivers): Link (To win before the tournament start)