USA Handball Talk (Episode 4): New Year… and Same Old Handball

It’s a New Year and the more things change… the more they stay the same. Here’s a rundown of the topics discussed:

  • The upcoming Men’s European Championships and the record setting crowd planned for the opening matches in Düsseldorf. It was Andy Schmid who was not a fan of handball in football stadiums: Link
  • How Ohio State’s starting QB’s transferring to Syracuse might correlate contextually to the U.S. Women’s national team (News article on the topic: Link)
  • The USA Team Handball Board Meeting Minutes drop: Link
    • The minutes from September reference a dialogue with the Handball Development Center in Dallas: “Mr. Branick had started to establish a dialogue with the Texas project leadership to determine how a partnership may evolve and impact the efforts to develop the women’s National team.
  • Why handball promotion is important and the USA Team Handball Working Group that will address ways to better promote Handball during the 2024 Olympics
  • The podcast with Joey Williams of Detroit where we discussed handball promotion: Link
  • The possibility of a handball demonstration in conjunction with the NBA All Star Game in Indianapolis
  • The EHF promotion process and the video that was shared in real time:
  • The Samala Cup played this past December and John’s view that it’s high time to rethink the concept of the “weekend tournament.” (Tentatively, the topic for our next podcast)

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