USA Handball Talk (Episode 12): G-G-G Unit; G League

Pat Spencer, was the top Collegiate lacrosse player in 2019. He then used his 5th year of eligibility to play college basketball, played basketball professionally in Europe and now has signed a 2 way contract which allows him to play in the NBA and the NBA’s G League. He was a good high school basketball player (so not entirely new to the sport), but this is still a remarkable talent transfer story and was our entry point for a broader discussion on talent transfer and NCAA scholarships.

Here are some topics and links to what was discussed:

  • Article on USA GK, Sophie Fasold signing with Buxtehuder SV  Link 
  • The challenges of a 3 GK and 2 GK tandem
  • Andreas Wolff with the greatest “caught” save of all time: Link
  • USA Women’s National Team Instgram: Link
  • Article on Pat Spencer signing with the Golden State Warriors: Link
  • Pat Spencer Lacrosse highlights: Link
  • JD on why lacrosse is a good sport to find handball talent transfer athletes
  • John on why he sees basketball as the best candidate sport for talent transfer
  • JD on how one’s basketball shooting ability (lack of) might logically steer an athlete to handball
  • NCAA sports and scholarship discussion: Wikipedia
    • Key point 1: Some sports have more scholarships available
    • Key point 2: Some sports are “Head Count” (all full ride scholarships) and some sports are “Equivalency” (scholarship awards can (and, usually are) split into partial scholarships)
  • Why, on average “Head Count” sports are more likely to have more talented athletes

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