USA Handball Talk (Episode 14): Hungary, Hungary Hippo

We cover a couple or recent news items and then discuss the Ohio State Handball Club’s Spring Break trip to Hungary. Here’s a summary with links to some of the items we discussed:

  • The Hungry, Hungry Hippo Board Game: Link
  • TSV Bayer Dormagen article on Patrick Hueter “stepping away” next season: Link
  • The IHF Beach Handball Showcase: Link
  • IOC Rep, Kit McConnell explaining why beach handball (and several other proposed “disciplines”) weren’t added to the LA 2028 Olympic Program: Link
  • Dragan Dukic (Tatabanya’s Coach): Link
  • Scrimmage vs the Tatabanya youth team: Link
  • My view during the Olympic Qualification Tournament matches: Link
  • How combining handball development with traditional touristy travel is a better cultural experience
  • How Mark Cuban helps USA rugby and his college rugby club: Link
  • The business opportunity for a “Handball Travel Company” to arrange more trips for USA Collegiate Clubs
  • Rugby tour company: Link
  • Travel Company that advertised in the early days of the Team Handball News Website that ripped off some handball travellers: Link

Finally, a big shout out to USA Women’s Coach, Edina Borsos, for her help with arranging the logistics for the trip.

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