What are the offensive player positions

Most often teams set up with the offensive positions depicted in the chart above. Here are a few notes on each position:

  • Left Wing/Right Wing: Wing players are typically quicker players that, as the name suggests, spend the bulk of their time on offense as the extreme end of the court. Often as plays develop the defense commits toward the center leaving the wing player with a relatively open shot at the less desirable wing angle. Wings are also often the players who are out first on the fast break.
  • Left Back: This position typically is the strongest shooter on the team and is usually a tall player who can shoot over the defense at 9 to 10 meters.
  • Center Back: The center back position is somewhat similar to the point guard position in basketball in that this player is typically the best passer setting up the Left Back, Right back and Pivot players for good shots.
  • Right Back: This position is essentially the mirror image of the left back position. However, since the position is more effectively played with a left handed player not all teams have a right back that is as effective as their left back. Some teams lacking an effective left handed player will play this position with a right handed player or perhaps with a left handed player that is shorter and less capable then the left back of big shots from a distance.
  • Pivot: This player plays with his back to the goal along the 6 meter circle. (Note: This position is also referred to as a circle runner or line player.) This is a physically tough position as the circle runner tries to muscle in between the defenders, who often line up on the 6m line with their backs to their own goal. The pivot tries to block defenders and create spaces between them thereby opening up shooting lanes for the offense. If the defender then moves to block the attacking back, passing lanes to the unmarked pivot open up.
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