The EHF Champions League is Back and with Some Important Changes

The 2020-2021 EHF Champions League throws off this Wednesday and there are some important changes that handball fans will need to get used to.

Midweek Appointment Viewing

First and foremost, the biggest change will see all matches being played on Wednesday and Thursday. Whoa. Come Again? Champions League matches won’t take place on the weekend anymore?

Yes, that’s right. All matches will be on Wednesday and Thursday. And, further all matches will take place at two consistent throw off times. In Europe throw offs will be at either 1845 (CET) or 2045 (CET). That means these matches, depending on your time zone, will take place late morning to mid afternoon in the U.S. For reference on the east coast the first matches will throw off at 12:45 PM (US ET) and the second matches will throw off at 2:45 PM (US ET).

While some folks might whine at this change overall it’s a really smart move for the sport and the change in time won’t


EHF Handball Champions League Webstreaming: Barcelona at Veszprem (Bonus English language commentary)

Can Laszlo Nagy and Barca withstand a Veszprem comeback?

After watching a remarkable first half between Barcelona and Veszprem earlier today, I decided to record an audio commentary for the second half.  In the first leg, Barca beat Veszprem 28-21 in Spain.  The second leg started out well for Veszprem, though on their home court.

My audio coverage picks up in the second half, with the ehfTV clock reading 49:00.  I ran into some technical difficulties, so a second download starts at the 61:00 minute mark.

On Demand broadcast at ehfTV:

Audio recording links are below. Open the on demand video in one window and then click on the podcast link. I do a countdown of the ehfTV clock in the lower left hand of the screen. Pause the audio when I start the countdown and then play the video. Then unpause the audio when you get to the appropriate time on the clock.