EHF Handball Champions League Webstreaming: Barcelona at Veszprem (Bonus English language commentary)

Can Laszlo Nagy and Barca withstand a Veszprem comeback?

After watching a remarkable first half between Barcelona and Veszprem earlier today, I decided to record an audio commentary for the second half.  In the first leg, Barca beat Veszprem 28-21 in Spain.  The second leg started out well for Veszprem, though on their home court.

My audio coverage picks up in the second half, with the ehfTV clock reading 49:00.  I ran into some technical difficulties, so a second download starts at the 61:00 minute mark.

On Demand broadcast at ehfTV:

Audio recording links are below. Open the on demand video in one window and then click on the podcast link. I do a countdown of the ehfTV clock in the lower left hand of the screen. Pause the audio when I start the countdown and then play the video. Then unpause the audio when you get to the appropriate time on the clock.