Time Shifting: Why would I watch any other way?

I’ve written about this before, but it’s worth mentioning again.

I know it is Monday afternoon in Sweden and teams are gearing up for the second round of play for Main Round Group I.  Everyone’s also probably still talking about the Croatia – Sweden match on Sunday night.  But in my little private Handball World, it’s still Saturday evening and I’ve yet to scan through Spain – Norway to see if any of it is worth watching.

Yes, with 9 hours separating me from Sweden, it’s not practical for me to watch very many games live, but through the convenience of on-demand viewing at I can watch whenever I want.  I know you old schoolers like the aesthetic of watching it live, but tell me old schooler what are your plans for this coming Wednesday and Thursday night?  Yes, while you and the teams are getting some much needed rest, I will be watch whatever pivotal matches remain in the Main Round at my leisure.  I’ll catch up with you in time for the Semifinals, although I may watch one Friday night and the second one on Saturday night.  Seriously, I must ask; Why would you watch anyway else?

And now for a short plug for  If you haven’t signed up yet, I would strongly suggest that you do.  They’ve lowered the price to $25 for the rest of the tournament and with the on-demand feature you truly can get your money’s worth.  I’ve been plugging my laptop into my TV via HDMI cable and I’ve been pretty pleased with the quality.  Mind you it’s not Hi-Def by any stretch, but it’s TV worth watching.

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